Wife’s reaction to death of the datsun

Wife’s reaction to death of the datsun

Well it needs trash compacting anyway.

Are you sticking your rude finger up at me young man? Were you having a lovely outing yesterdayuntil this happened? Yeah it was pretty good actually.

It was good Then the automobile decided to slightly malfunction It was awesome having it out for a while went out to Carryong -mumble mumble- and it was great Thanks rob All of this because you wanted to overtakean elderly woman who was travelling below the speed limit She was sitting in a 80 zone doing 63 Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck ZWWAAAA DOING!! Yes Mick, that was exactly the sound we heard to a tee.

Yeah it was sticking a bit and it made a noise Maybe, Honey you could have given it less throttle?.

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