Wearable computer expands our communication ability | Kenich SUZUKI | TEDxKobe

Wearable computer expands our communication ability | Kenich SUZUKI | TEDxKobe

everyone I think you know I telepathy? That it is automatically transmitted to everyone that I have in mind There is any So do you say? I go I guess nice guys ready Haa over over over over over over over over !! How about that? Already is my great idea I think I arrived at the everyone that? Funny Do not.

do not receive? I have not received Nde Well today like a bad little something tone I So Well ginger not I think I want to step-by-step talk to that way I am love to be delusion from childhood man Can not you tell it to someone that I believe in this fantasy? Also I have been thinking this thing And we have also done various things At the time of elementary school children drew also the story of an epic adventure decided to become a cartoonist But too too bad a picture Determined to heart and become musicians at the time of high school students We also participated in the qualifying of a big tournament to practice guitar But the difference of talent is too intense Musician has decided to retire immediately There is also that you have tried to write a novel I folded the brush in 3 hours I want to tell the other person somehow that there is in this head And I want to also see that there is in the other person's head This interest is progressively – What's the communication that person and the person is usually? In order that we go beyond the communication you have is I wonder if what I do? I have been thinking to have an interest in the I think is one of the What about areas that you also are interested? I have one of the keys to this question Kedomo I am also Koshite today – It is said to be wearable computing People will not believe that computer to wear Wearable Computing You can wear in the "able" to "wear", meaning "wear" "Computing" in the sense of using a computer It is said also to the wind "computer that can wear.

" So if you put more and more and more and more small computer in the glasses or watch I would say it is a wearable computer? Today between the current in many cases experts If you put in here with this small computer large doing so It is expected to be that's wearable computer But But I this is I think the wind that different Many people this is using what we usually Also I think in the wind that's what is in the smartphone or on the extension of the personal computer Wearable computer that I have to say is Always thing that extend the capabilities of people to the act together with the people I think what you mean to extend the functionality of the people? Although this is I want to talk about one of the examples to a little easy to understand Although a little different from the wearable Have you guys electrically assisted bicycle that was ridden? And it is automatically read the forces row applied to the pedal for Tteyuu motor-assisted bicycle Automatically have me to assist the motor row when hill Toka force is required Or from somewhere're paddling up to where the other his power to have been Koga by the force of the motor To about it does not know You think you work in such a way that naturally integrated with your body? Wearable computer will also function in the same way Such as we had been doing up to now You do not need to or press the keyboard, a mouse, or a touch panel Read our actions and the day-to-day life in just wears doing this It is what automatically me properly functioning For example, if I go towards the better of Haneda Airport Wearable will perceive that "there? Do not I'm going somewhere on an airplane.

" And I is not got all day heavy luggage arrived earlier Automatically judge it from the point of being tired "Taxi stand'm here" for us to assist in the wind that When the computer in such a way is to continue to assist support the steadily more and more of the people function How far is how far the human function is the function of the computer It even about not know But it is the same as the motor-assisted bicycle – We believe in the wind that its about to become a natural thing Today encounter with such wearable now come to the point where our bottom of the entrance Today one of the things that the current wearable is to extend the human function There is a thing called "point of view exchange" You might word viewpoint exchange not a little unfamiliar Not to say that never difficult Though I'm just the camera is attached here And as we speak what I have seen The scenery I think you can be captured with this camera And the image captured by the camera And then displayed on the display that is attached to the front of the other one man's wearable eye And the image of the person of the camera By displaying on it is attached to the front of my eyes display Liked this you are replacing the Futari point of view in the wind of "point of view exchange" So the point of view exchange because there is a simple video that was described Please look around together (Music starts) [Lesson: Remote cooking classes leading to the home of the famous chef] Chef: Please turn off in about it is too thick 5mm width Student: Yes, I understand Student: Are you sure you want a something like this? Chef: Yes is good (Sound of ignition) (Meat the sound of burning) Chef: is about sound Innovation "juice" is You too hot when it is "Ju'" Students: What about this? Chef: Yes, it is an appropriate temperature Student: Yes Chef: When the surface becomes soft-boiled form Please wrapped around the egg Student: What is the I soft-boiled like? Chef: if there is no egg liquid is about four corners is peeled off the surface Chef: using chopsticks with the right hand Please wound while wearing a rebound with his left hand I hope are you good (End music) Feeling frying pan "juice" Ttoiu in video I think I understand? Two men in the video had a conversation in the wind that "with such feeling.

" Precisely because each are exchanging each of the front of the space of the eyes of two men We as your usual "that", "it", "looks like" We have been able to interact with words such as In other words this is by making a point of view exchange Toka know-how it is difficult to tell at things like sentence Toka Description It is the wind cases that have been able to exchange up to something like nuances of things In other words we are by such a point of view exchange By the fact that only a little their function is present together the two men I think that has been extended was able to see from the video And I feel the new possibilities from two perspectives replaced with another The first one is the field for the fact that creativity creativity of the people Kedomo I kinda want you to imagine When a person is seen as Jii' something We have a Toka what opinion Toka curious about it When the multiple each person at the same time looking at things Each of the people who are different ideas because looking at a different point each – There is also a moment to feel that I Do not I have the idea of ​​different even looking at the same thing For example, definitely looking Toka puzzle something like – I do not find any but I've been looking for them for a piece It is like a form put the Pyu' come someone from next door It is what is seen myself in that way There is a moment that is projecting your thoughts For example, how would you know this puzzle? But please have a little silence those who know So come this out this kind of wind to solve did not appear round It is the wind that 1 2 3 4 It is a quiz that can be connected by four because is actually And as can be seen even in this We usually Or noticed other people that he was not a little imagination You can experience that Or it is precisely this experience because they were the point of view exchange The addition that Tteyuu other people have noticed You can also also the fact that the once again relive yourself Is about the field of another is a human empathy When, for example, to each other about it looking at the same thing is the understanding We will have that empathy For example, Toka good color of favorite clothes in a noticeable show window It is a wind Tteyuu Toka flower often seen Is each other people when you are the point of view exchange It will be able of having sympathy with that way And we sympathy of one step ahead that if such a thing is followed by the go Toka I wish to be with that person For example, will also be the feeling that I wish has led to the human and spiritual Toka I have sympathy with the people, as I mentioned now by this point of view exchange People of the creativity has been extended [feel] you have the opportunity This means that by this wearable I think we say to say to the wind that our function is extended only a little This is a story of my friend There is that he had been a volunteer to go to Africa in college At that time I he was a volunteer to make the roads and wells but Became friends in local was the young man of the same year that Jacob Jacob is a village in the top of the brave Is a great guy whopping've defeated than four dogs and a half lion Alone in the land it is sometimes defeated the lion one animal Because it seems to land pattern that can put the bride and dozens of goats in hand Though I thought Sazokashi In fact, when it comes he is sometimes defeated than four dogs and a half to reverse About it in the village each other from anywhere in the village of whether Serve the bride becomes the conference It seems that it's brave about that And when you get to the middle of a return home finished volunteer Have you ever been promised to friend Jacob Was a promise to donate the road to the village working hard When I go back to Japan I do not can still donate the road unfortunately Is transported goods to traffic a person is the fact that the land in a certain road It means that the medical care is brought education to enhance The world of the future we brought is wearable to him today We prominence heart He is the patrols and lion hunting in the prairie to day-to-day experience It will be a new and fresh experience even for the zoologist It may be also able to feel with him the wind across the majestic nature and grassland Also differ in culture in such a way That feelings families think the day-to-day Is he like from many of empathy, such as a friend who lives next door It may be also possible to create such a human relations Even if he himself lived in the traditional culture It will also be possible to make the people and the deep connection of the world But I would like to once again Wearable is to expand the new capabilities of the people Wearable and its technology is tied more deeply the people-to-people Of enhancing the creativity and empathy of the people You are in a place called helpful We are standing already at the entrance of such future Please try to imagine a little Everyone is The person you want each other use your imagination mutually Empathy Who is it? Thank you very much (applause).

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