Wade Shows Heather New 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited

Wade Shows Heather New 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited

Hey Heather its Wade down here at Handy Toyota,beautiful day down here in Saint Albans we actually just got a highlander limited I knowyou were looking at our inventory and didn't see one we just got one here it is 3.

5 literV6 all the comforts and reliability that you want in a Toyota Product safety features likeyou wouldn't believe very very the consumer reports on the highlander are amazing thesevehicles are the future of Toyota they are a great product its just where the companyis going and you couldn't ask for a better vehicle and I just want to show you a littlebit about the inside so this is the interior of the highlander limited it is a fully loadedvehicle and it has everything you could possibly want or need as far as comfort safety andjust overall convenience the first thing I am going to show you is the push button startso this key can be anywhere it can be in your pocket it can be in a purse it can be in abackpack in the back seat as long as it is in the vehicle you can press the brake pedaland press the start button and she starts right up first thing when anyone gets in theyare going to notice is the 8 inch touch screen this touch screen has everything it has gotaudio AM FM XM for three months subscription of the XM Sirius XM its got Bluetooth audioauxiliary cable is down here and it is able to play any iPod iPhone or anything like thatyou have your dual zone climate control and a climate control here in the back as wellas a app suite which is basically your Pandora you can check your traffic the weather evenif you are a stock broker and you want to check the stock prices there is an app forthat as the saying goes you have your Bluetooth phone capabilities so over here you have youcan hang up receive calls you can change the volume you can flip through the radio presetsand change the mode from AM to FM CD voice recognition you can press this button giveit a voice command and there will be a list of commands and you can learn those as yougo along such as call so and so and your contact list will be in there and it will call theperson you choose state of the art its hands free don't have to take your hands off thesteering wheel you are always in control of the vehicle you are always safe these arejust more radio controls you have your cruise control here power windows power locks theseats are perforated leather very nice seats very comfortable you have got the captainschairs in the middle you can with a flip up table and there is a third row seat availableso there is more than enough room in this highlander for a large family to go on a vacationand be very comfortable these leather seats as I was saying are both vented and heatedso for the summer when it is too hot you can cool them and in the winter when it is toocold you can heat them and it is just an amazing feature its state of the art comfort you cantreally see it right now because of the rain but these are power heated mirrors and righthere there are a couple icons that is your blind spot monitoring with rear cross trafficalert there is a button here on the side you press it it alerts you if someone comes upon the highway and is in your blind spot it will flash and tell you oh there is someonethere even if you cant see them in your mirror and you cant turn your head all the way aroundto see them that is going to alert you as well its just an added safety feature youhave traction control snow that basically the snow button is you know it is for newEngland it is a button for when it is snowing and you need a little extra power to get upa hill or you need the car to stay on a hill when you are parked but it is going to giveyou more control of the vehicle same with the down hill assist it is going to keep yourvehicle moving at a certain speed about 3 to 5 miles per hour down very steep inclinesyou know it is just an added benefit an added feature that keeps you safer and that is thelocking rear differential that basically keeps you from binding excuse me it is a centerdifferential rather than the rear and that will keep you from binding in all wheel drivewhen you are in sort of a rougher terrain you also have a moon roof it is a tilt slidemoon roof so not only does it slide up it also slides open and back I am not going totip it up right now because it is raining I don't want to get it to wet in here butyou see it tilts up and tilts down and it will slide open and slide back the rear viewmirror here is what we call auto dimming that means if someone comes up behind you on thehighway and they have their brights on this will automatically dim for you these are someof many of the great features of this highlander this is a V6 it is a 3.

5 liter engine I meanyou really cannot beat this vehicle as far as driving performance comfort reliabilityits a Toyota product it is going to run forever when you are buying this you are buying comfortand it is a really a high end classy vehicle and there is one last thing I wanted to showyou here on the home screen one of the features that you have with the premium audio you havethe JBL really great features there is about 13 in here I believe and then also on thissplit screen you are going to have your phone volume here and your phone controls here andthen on the right you have a navigation map and that is basically like having one of thoseGPS devices that normally would be stuck here on your windshield or somewhere where it isalways falling this is right on your screen with a touch of a button or the touch of yourfinger you can navigate anywhere you can set a home destination and go home from anywherein the united states its hooked up to the satellite so you are always going to knowwhere you are or where you are going another great feature of the highlander so this isWade down here at Handy Toyota I just wanted to thank you for watching the video and ifyou have any questions comments or concerns about the video or any other product thatToyota makes and that Handy Toyota Service I would be more than Happy to answer thosefor you my cell phone number is 802-777-8295 and my email is [email protected]

Com thankyou and have a great day.

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