Vigo Thailand Toyota Hilux New 2014 2015 Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai RHD LHD Toyota Dealer

Vigo Thailand Toyota Hilux New 2014 2015 Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai RHD LHD Toyota Dealer

Toyota Vigo Thailand by Thailand Vigo Dealer and Exporter Jim Autos Thailand (http://toyota-dealer.

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Com -Vigo Thailand (http://toyota-dealer.


Html) is Thailand Best Selling Pickup Truck-Vigo introduced in Thailand in 2004 and has been popular since then-Vigo is Thai name for Toyota Hilux-Indestructible Toyota Hilux is Indestructible Vigo Vigo Thailand is available in Single Cab Vigo (http://toyota-dealer.

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Org/Toyota-Hilux-Vigo-Extra-Smart-Cab/) and Double Cab (http://toyota-dealer.

Org/Toyota-Hilux-Vigo-Double-Cab/) Single Cab Vigo Toyota Hilux Thailand is available in 4×2 only.

We can provide 4×4 Hilux Single from our UK and Australia officesAvailable in three 2500 cc Diesel versions: 2.

5J without PS, 2.

5J with PS and 2.

5 J with VNTAvailable in Petrol and CNG – Extra Cab Vigo Thailand only available in Smart Cab (four laterally opening doors)- Smart Cab Extra Cab available in three configurations: 4×2 Smart Cab, 2×4 Smart Cab and 4×4 Smart Cab- 2×4 Prerunner is a 4×2 raised to 4×4 height Vigo Thailand Smart Cab 4×2-Vigo Thailand Toyota Hilux Vigo Smart Cab 4×2 is available in either 2500 cc Diesel or 2700 cc Petrol- 2500 cc available in J, E and G VNT Manual- 2700 cc Petrol and 2700 Petrol CNG available in Auto Transmission Vigo Smart Cab 2×4-Vigo Thailand Extra Cab Smart Cab 2×4 Prerunner is a 4×2 raised to the height of a 4×4-Available in Diesel 2500 cc 3000 cc Diesel-Diesel 2500 cc in 4 E versions: without PS, with PS, 50th Anniversary and Navigation3000 in G Vigo Smart Cab 4×4- Vigo Thailand Smart Cab available in two models: 2500 cc Diesel and 3000 cc Diesel- Vigo Smart Cab 4×4 2500 cc is E- Vigo Smart Cab 4×4 3000 is a G with PS and DVD Vigo Thailand Double Cab- Vigo Thailand Double Cab is available in 4×2, 2×4 Pre-runner and 4×4 Double Cab configurations Vigo Thailand 4×2 Double CabTwo Wheel Drive Double Cab Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand available in 2500 cc Diesel and 2700 cc Gasoline-Vigo 4×2 Double Cab 2500 cc D-4D Diesel available in J, E and GVigo 4×2 Double Cab 2700 cc Petrol VVT-i in E Configuration Vigo Thailand 2×4 Prerunner DC-Vigo Toyota Hilux Pre-runner available in 2500 cc Diesel and 3000 cc Diesel- 2500 cc Diesel D-4D in 5 2500 cc E configurations.

Three 2500 cc E manual and two 2.

5 E Auto versions- 3000 cc G in 1 manual and two Auto version Vigo Thailand 4×4 Double Cab- Available in 2500 cc Diesel D-4D and 3000 cc Diesel D-4D 1KD engine- Vigo Double cab 4×4 2500 cc 4×4 in E VN Turbo Manual- Vigo Double cab 4×4 3000 cc G 4×4 available in Manual and Auto configurations Vigo Thailand DealerJim Autos Thailand is Thailand top Vigo Hilux Dealer and top Vigo Thailand exporter, importer, supplier and sellerJim top Vigo Thailand Single Cab dealer and exporter, top Vigo Thailand Extra Cab supplier, importer, dealer exporter Top Right Hand Drive and LHD DealerJim can provide full range of Right Hand Drive vehicles from our Thailand, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and Japan branchesJim can provide full range of Left Hand Drive vehicles from Dubai UAE and US offices Contact Jim nowEmail at [email protected]

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