Turbo LS-Powered Datsun 240Z  – Roadkill Extra

Turbo LS-Powered Datsun 240Z – Roadkill Extra

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com but here's an example of one of the shows that you missed last week everybody was a Roadkill fan knows our rotten it's one of our most popular cars ever it's a 240z that we've stuffed with a Chevy 4.

3 liter v6 with a powerstroke diesel turbo and as you may know that car never fails to fail us we've broken everything on that car and right now it's got a crankshaft into pieces that v6 has a split pin rod journal and it broke right in half right there we don't want to put a v6 in the thing again least i don't i don't think Finnegan does either so i was really interested when I showed up to hot rod drag week and I saw Jonathan Foster's 240z this is actually done the right way this is the car that could run bottom eight I assume above a hundred and fifty miles an hour yeah he's been a hundred and fifty seven miles an hour in this thing let's take a look at how he's doing that and how he overcame some of the problems that we have all the time first of all instead of the b6 he wisely has LSX motor in here is the 427 use the GM LSX block in it that is a big Hank and turbo 91 millimeter single turbo on this deal and he did it just slightly roadkill style in the sense that he's got a stock cast-iron manifold right here however at drag week there was some entertainment value earlier when he pulled a big ol wheelstand and you look down in here at that welder right there you can see that the landing actually broke off the cast manifold right where it mates to the stainless tubing little unconventional weld the tubing to the manifold a lot of people do it can be done but it is a fracture point on that thing here's another thing that's interesting about it it has a cable drive fuel pump you know that nobody knows how to kill an electric fuel pump like me I do it all the time to solve that problem for long-term driving on this it has a cog up here that is driving a cable to a fuel pump that is in the back so it doesn't have a lot of pressure when it's cranking but it will start on the leftover fuel and the injectors little idle at like 50 psi and it runs about 80 when you're running down the road and then also the electric water pump which is Davies Craig out of Australia this is interesting usually when you see somebody come on around here at the camera usually when you see somebody running an electric water pump it mounts on the block right here and it's got electric motor this is an Australian unit from Davies Craig it's all wrapped in heat protective coating but it is remote from the engine with a manifold here that is taking care of the water flow which is kind of unusual on LSU have to worry a lot about where the what's going on with the thermostat which this doesn't have a thermostat all now comes the controller than very controlled ok he says it comes with a controller that variably controls the pump now this thing also has a turbo 400 in it but another problem we've had with our rotten is breaking rear ends all the time that's because we've got IRS which is stocked with us 30 chassis we've upgraded it with that Subaru center section honestly it's still garbage it's not going to live up to any kind of power this has a four-link in it with a Ford nine-inch solid axle and if you come around here you can see that Jonathan is well aware that these things rust into the ground did you have any floor in this car when you start every day she was a California car so oh so nowhere near as bad as the rotten but you can see that he has tub the thing added some form floorboards in here this is where the fuel cell is and it is inside a NHRA legal container they don't let you have just a plastic fuel cell sitting in the engine compartment with the driver so he's got that all filled up so in other words he's built this car the right way are you achieve your goal of having the quickest s30 chaffee he's gonna try yes he says absolutely what does it need to run to do that 785 so that's what he's looking at drag we can clearly see I've got to go 770 clearly this thing a better program than the rotten we just thought you'd like to see it fast-forward to six hours later remember everything I said about all the reliability and quality built into that 240 because drag week looks like the cable drive fuel pump not working you will be there p hell or high water they will be there they guarantee it he said even if we're the last one of the day we will be there and we will run a 770 and he promised it hell or high water that's a drag week is all about alright we'll see you there here's what you missed last week on a Roadkill Extra exclusively on Motor Trend On Demand here's what i want to encourage crave the engine swaps that ladies and gentlemen is a small block chevy and afford it's a triumph tr7 it's no rocket but I want to fix it up and get it looking really good Roadkill project car that never was no air-conditioning no power steering it's got no power nothing if you need more Roadkill extra go sign up for the 30-day free trial right.

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