This is Хорошо – Козлы на Lamborghini. #542

This is Хорошо – Козлы на Lamborghini. #542


I'm Vasya Ischuk.

And do not rush to put this video dizlayk I know you for a long time.

There is a dispute, what is better: iOS or Android? Let's solve it that way.

An even number of Likes for this video – IOS.

Odd – Android.

Stas Davydov will not be today, but we have a cool video from Maxezzz1.

You know, I really like animals and machines.

In a good sense Somehow embarrassing happened to me just a shame that the goats riding on the Lamborghini, but I'm not.

Or maybe all prosaic, only goats know the way? * Hey man here left at McDonald's to drop over salads * Or even man in the car just works in goats driver and taking them to an important meeting.

Well, there are hurled case, divide the cabbage, riding a Lamborghini.

Soon the goats write a platinum album and they will shoot the goats from the other coast of the nine times * Music * Gangster zhituha bandyugan You do not know these goats rare breed and are more expensive this car 10 times.

And they were being taken to the rarest in the world of barbecue and not as guests.

Hello vegetarians And this is good! From goats to sexuality.

Sometimes, sitting with five guys in the bathroom and discuss passing girls.

Here at this ass boolshaya, this elastic, and this precisely it can turn.

You know, this trend is already reeling Internet May.

Then it started ugly asian with huge nose Yes, Asians, too, are huge noses AND SUDDENLY.


He fired again.

As You Dzhastina Bibera in a nursing home.

After his funeral.

Cheerful Wasserman says, "Humor 150" (Remake of "All dance elbows") And of course, all the girls with fleshy noses again connected to the topic of nasal tverka.

Expression nose "Nose Gate" takes on new meaning.

Just google Nose Twerk themselves all to see.

But definitely there will be people who will want it pofapat.

STOP! We are also watching the children Then there are exactly I feel fast growing demand for silicone noses.

After all, not every girl is a decent nose nasmorkala.

Generally it is disappointing when the sexiest part of the body is the nose.

He even sprinkled money is awkward.

I think the blood went nose.

And this is good! ElementZero sent us the third video.

It is again about trailers * Whispers * I know you liked the first video * Smack Only this time the country is not a car to which it is attached, and the trailer.

Video called "Gypsy trailers ah-no-no-no-no-Nejc" Well not as it is called, it is simply called "Gypsy trailer" But you know start to steal the fridge out of the trunk, and the car rolled, what to do? I had to run after her, nothing is just the first 30 kilometers of hard.

Then you get used to.

"I know it!" Somehow it looks likely and fridge in the cabin, made in the workshop of the Roma.

Well, actually you can not so! Gypsy and drop may scratch the door, frightened the goats inside.

Well, yes, goats, just like in the first video.

Somehow I believe that this woman stop a galloping horse.

Not only because it is a gypsy, just strong.

Or a new method of preparation of the Russian national team for the Olympics.

Excuse Gypsy.

The same is, perhaps? How can end the video guy kidding about the goats? Just a guy with an accordion in the background cabinets speaker: And this is good! Thank you for watching this video, subscribe to a channel This Is Horosho, subscribe to my channel if you want to deal in advertising.

And buy a T-shirt.


not these.

Thank you and bye! Tits in the late Ki.

, ki.

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