These Datsun 240Zs Are Animals to Drive

These Datsun 240Zs Are Animals to Drive

– My name is Ollie Streekand this is my 1973 Datsun 240Z.

My father bought his car two or three years ago.

Itgot to the stage where I was driving it more than he was and I was enjoying it.

Itwas the best car I've ever driven so it came to the stage where I was sort ofstarted sourcing my own Datsun.

I collected this one from Copenhagen inDenmark.

It was fully restored when I bought it and it started off as a bit of abanger.

It was a bit of a journey in itself to go to Copenhagen.

It was an 800mile trip back.

Literally as soon as I brought it back I took it out the.

There's a Datsun specialist about 40 minutes up the road and I was offeredalmost twice what I'd paid for it.

Yeah, my favorite characteristic about the caris definitely the long nose and the short back.

It's very sort of Ferrari,Daytona-ish and the Daytona's my favorite car of all time, so, you know, it is thecheaper way of getting what I wanted.

Compared to my Dad's one, it runs like.

It is perfect.

Starts on the button every time, no maintenance whatsoever, really.

Imean, it's been restored to a really high standard and the engine's been rebuilt.

Nine original spec.

– The ratty has just gotsomething I really love about it.

I just love the rattiness of the car.

As you'veseen earlier, if you lift the bonnet up, you can see that the engine suspension andall of the brakes and running is brand new underneath and it's obviously a very fastcar as well, but it is a.

It's tremendous.

I just love the look of it.

People keep saying to me, "Are you going to paint it?" and I say "No, I'll leave itas it is.

That's exactly how I like it.

" When I was Ollie's age, I always rememberseeing him on the road and thought, "I'd like one of those cars.

That's what I wantand I couldn't afford it and I wasn't in a position to be able to buy one when I was20 but I did have a friend of mine who had one and I used to look at it and think"That is an amazing car.

It's just like having a Ferrari at 20.

" I've known thecar actually for a few years.

I bought it from a friend of mine and I've asked himseveral times to sell it to me and eventually he decided to.

"Yup, we'lllet you have it.

" Now, he actually regrets it and wisheshe hadn't sold it and from what I understand he's actuallybought another one.

– Obviously both cars are very, verydifferent in style and most people think that they're clean and Concord's car is myDad's and the rat look one is mine but it's far from it.

It's completely theother way around.

And it just so happened that it wasn't intentional, really, andyeah, the Ratsun's a little bit different from anything else you've got in the shed,here.

It's a bit of a head turner and it's absolutely bonkers.

That captures moreattention, definitely, when you drive them both through a street, but it soundssuperb.

It's really cool.

– It's a completely different drivingexperience.

You come back, you've had a drive and you know you've had a drivebecause you're worn out.

With that car, the tires are so wide, suspension'sso hard and it is an animal to drive.

Itreally is.


– The Ratsun is a proper blood, sweat andtears job.

It's not an easy drive but it is by far the most fun I've ever haddriving with a Ratsun.

– Yeah, I think Ollie would like this car.

If he had the choice.

He keeps asking me to buy this car and whenI wouldn't sell it to him, he went out and bought his own car.

– I'd like to have his car as well.

I'dlike to have both.

– Mine's the one that actually turns theheads and people take a second look at it.


– It's nice 'cause you don't see so manyof these on the road.

I think there's only 140, 150 of these in the country.

I thinkthere's a fair few over in America but over here they're a rarity.

I haven't seenanother one on the road apart from the ones we've got.

– Ollie and I often take thecars out together and we take them on a Sunday afternoon drive and go for a pintor something and we enjoy looking at each others cars as they're being driven.


– I'll never sell this car, I don't think.

I think I'll keep it for as long as I live.

It's quite special to me, so, yeah.

I don't see any.

There's no reason to sell it.

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