Suzuki Vitara 1.4T FWD 2017試駕

Suzuki Vitara 1.4T FWD 2017試駕

Hello everyone, and welcome to car owners, I was just Liao Before last year, ah, that is the Lunar New Year I have many friends asked if I could leave a message to tell you about Suzuki's 1.

4 turbocharged version of his Vitara So, now after the New Year started, the first test drive it, we have to introduce this car Today the station car to introduce it, in fact, in the last year Suzuki when they listed, has been a test drive for everyone At that time it, original arrangements to test drive my car models is the 1.

6L naturally aspirated version of the precursor In addition, the 1.

4 turbo four-wheel drive models They are arranged for a OFFROAD scene We can look at the entire contents of my driving record last year for everyone interested in a test drive Inside it, of course In this turbocharged version of who it ~ But we did not test drive in a cross-country venue in a general way So, in the off-road section, we would not have this time again demonstrated to everyone Off-road features, I believe we are all familiar in the last year It is very tough off-road capabilities I cars today to introduce it With last year and that Taiwan is not the same Last year, four-wheel drive models, today I introduce the It is a two-wheel drive, which is the precursor version Rather than the four-wheel drive version There may be a friend will say Four transmission with two drive should be relatively the same as it is not You should introduce versions of four transmission ratio top right gauge In fact, they're just two places ah ~ What a difference two places? First place, is driven approach Today, we introduce the precursor The last time four-wheel drive it, drive a worse way In addition, there is one, is that it is equipped with It is equipped, four-wheel drive vehicle body It has a hill descent function The precursor version we have today to introduce this function Without this feature will be affected? In fact, not much impact Because four-wheel drive models You might have to go OFFROAD Two transmission models, most of you will be in ONROAD situation, is to do a drive on asphalt So, encountered a steep slope, if you do, then a slow down Then you may be able to hit a low gear Then you may be able to step on the brakes That comparison does not need to be used like this Lindau when, in the mountains inside Press a hill descent function, it slowly go down the car himself This function do not, except that it This car with the other part of the four transmission models, are the same Then we look at today, it's the whole difference in the appearance in the end what First, the appearance portion Very familiar ah, you should know that it naturally with version 1.

6 of air Some places are not the same in the grille 1.

6 naturally aspirated version It is a diaphragm shutter grille And now you see the 1.

4 turbo models too It is a similar type flame Its entire front would be more domineering In addition it It's under warranty, two-color mix of two materials processing, are the same Looks are the same In part it headlamp Use of the LED daytime running lights, LED lights near But part of the group of approach lights you can see It's nearly light frame, has a red frame being modified As far portion of the lamp, as well as the direction of the lamp, are the traditional halogen bulbs In addition to it, it is now back in front, there is fog It came to the side of the car Today, we test drive of the Suzuki Vitara Is the fourth generation of his big change models This generation models, with the previous generation, the third generation is in fact its size are reduced Its length, 12.

5 cm shorter than before At present length is 4175mm, so it It is a CompactCrossover Is a compact crossover SUV So why call it a compact crossover SUV? The relatively large size because before, before CompactSUV is called compact SUVs Compare different As part of the width of it It is slightly narrower that the narrow 3.

5 cm That height do, short of the 6.

5 cm That the width of it, in fact, is about one meter eighty, but also a little low Height of one meter over six one centimeter, probably like this As part of the wheelbase of it, there are narrow Part of the narrow wheelbase and more full, reducing the wheelbase is 2500mm currently 14 cm And part of it with tires Whether you are a naturally aspirated version Or turbocharged version of the 1.

4T All are the same size The only difference is that it's circle, not the same What you're seeing is a black aluminum ring, which is the body with the 1.

4T models Its dimensions are 215/55 R17 17 inch bead ring Part of the tire of it, it is accompanied by a green energy ContiEco Contact5 this tire Then the whole car, you can you can see from his front all the way to the rear, front and back under guard And then, besides which there are scratch-resistant material, to do a whole big bag surrounded Next to the side, there is a very bright chrome trim strip being modified Entire model for it In fact, is full of small units Before then, we have for you before It's the same level from opponents, will be about those car? For example, said Mazda's CX-3 Then Nissan Juke Or Honda HR-V In addition, there are European imports of ŠKODA Yeti Can be considered such a level distance range Or is about to come to Taiwan in March to come to the C-HR That this car does, promising me in my channel which you made a prior description More detailed, more complete We can go to my channel inside look Then this car does, in fact, ah, to such a variety of terms This car although I have not yet begun to introduce it to all the details But then, I can tell you that this is a car I recommend it over Looking back, it's because CP is full of high value That in itself does, it's the whole car is a Japanese import version Not assembled in Taiwan Part of that car smell, the place is quite special It has a front with a number of LED elements, but you in the rear, you can see the LED It is seen in the third brake light, is in the above Other then that, with all of the traditional light bulb But it has the same configuration of the rear fog lamp Then you can see the bottom of it after Paul As color is a mix of material We look at its trunk The trunk portion, as the solenoid valve opened As for its capacity, as you can see, I am here to put a suitcase A small suitcase It probably does, that such a situation So, if you have three people If you want long-distance travel, tourism It is behind this space is also enough to put because you can put two suitcases In the middle of the trunk of it, you can immediately put off Both sides can be put up As for the rear-seat room for it, the suitcase inside We can see it this floor You put it gently off to It will soon be stuck, stuck fast it has a function of this Here there is a sandwich under your course You also can put the entire floor to close down Well, this floor it, then you come off it You can still see the bottom there is a small compartment space There removed the spare tire, instead, is an electric pump as well as the puncture sealant in the inside In simple terms it If such a configuration, the weight it should also lower the rear compartment That better place, that is its right side you can see there is a 12V power socket As part of the seat back, it can be done as a separate pouring 64 It can be a little more volume behind the change, it can become larger This was a car with it The fourth-generation models to the fact that it is now replaced many names In 1988, when the first generation of the market, the market in North America it is called SideKick That of course, we compare the earliest known, Taiwan is relatively know Escudo That was it, Grand Vitara And then, in Japan, it is called Grand Escudo Then, the name changed back, and now is called Vitara All in all it does, whether it is in various markets change what name It is the same this car That of course, in the North American market It also has some cooperation with GM, called another name Out it looks very much like a car But this is not the focus of our presentation Throughout Vitara inside its cabin Actually, you look at the past, it is very simple lay out a single room of a very elaborate design Including its front vents Is a tetracyclic intermediate vent course, this is a pointer to a clock And then, it's the dashboard, its central multimedia control block Are very clear You can easily, do not read the instructions, you come on You look, you'll use This is inside it, of course, I talk about I think there is a It can not be said of the problem, say it's the texture of materials In the part of the material texture, although it is next to the plastic member of hard plastic It has made some leather embossed But then, this kind of simulation it's this feeling of embossed leather Just like a real leather, it is more obvious there is a gap you can easily identify out You do not touch, you have a look you know this must be plastic parts TOYOTA told that if they do then add a plastic embossed leather to compare this level, then I feel like TOYOTA car, these embossed above will be treated better, more simulation That in addition, there is a part, I think it will do very well simulation This is a very large area of ​​the block Hairline Fog silver alloy trim Has done very well !! (Knock Knock) It is a molded plastic member This part of it, I give high marks Because it looks really like an aluminum trim Before you touch it you will not think it is in fact not the Ice Overall it, it's part of the whole center console you can see it rings outlet Including its clock, has a red outer ring looks have modified atmosphere hot-blooded In the 1.

4 model with naturally aspirated who have a different place That is, you can see it red car steering wheel stitching It seats with red stitching car This is not the same In addition to that it Its entire lay out whether it is naturally aspirated or turbocharged version of the same Of course, four-wheel drive turbocharged 1.

4 models It is that it will have a knob on top of the drive That this car above it, you is not seen currently That whole you can see it in front of the dashboard As there are two rings of red, looks pretty good is very simple, very clear to identify bicyclic meter Left is right is the speed per hour Then the middle of a black and white monochrome LCD screen Well, this operation LCD screen it, there is no way from your steering wheel control the speed dial button above to do You have the right to its dashboard that has a button, you can go to the press After you press down on it to see what There instantaneous fuel consumption And average fuel consumption Then Mileage As well as average speed There is also no display screen, press the left which go Is Trip A, Trip B It is so simple Besides that you can see it above the steering wheel button on the steering wheel more button above it You can see from the above, the right It has a cruise control, a governor switch Then left it, its volume, and selection of control The left part is to control the right side of the 2 DIN multimedia sound Then behind the wheel, you can see about both paddles It is with a six-speed automated manual gearbox Then below the steering wheel, you can see that it has Bluetooth phone also features Bluetooth, its speed dial keys in this section In addition to it, you can see it in front of the lever Left part of it, its headlights with automatic opening and closing of this switch is very easy to use That in addition, it is in addition to the steering wheel than so many key functions I think the best place is in such a sub-size car for As you can see, it's the steering wheel Can be up and down, as well as before and after adjustment It has such a function adjustment For you to find an ideal driving while driving posture is actually better As for its entire posture, you get on to a You can find that it is actually a Crossover, relatively high If we say to the boys, I'm 173 cm I am currently sitting in this position, I can see the hood If you for driving, have more self-confidence.


no comparison insecure, you want to see the hood There are even some female friends, she likes to sit a little higher to see the hood will feel at ease This car does, in fact, very good adjustment You raised a little bit angle Girls must be opened up would be more reassuring Then again you can see the left front wheel this block Front fog lights And a switch tracking system There are buttons open and close the engine idling This then means that you stop at a red light when you hit the brakes If the system has to open it, then It detects the status OK, then it will help your car stall Saving fuel If you now have air conditioners, need a little more power, then It's this engine hoist button will open so that you maintain the operation of the engine You can then generate more electricity Radar is again in front of the control switch Then you can see it throughout the steering wheel below Accelerator side brake pedal, the pedal is a metal This is the turbocharged version of the 1.

4-specific It is a metal footboard The middle part is easy, 2 DIN audio That.

is not a color LCD touch screen, is a very simple that this part of it Of course, is there a way to do it through a modification upgrade into a large multimedia touch screen LCD Then the bottom, single-zone climate control Here again, a USB, a power jack 12V Then a small glove box space That side of it, you can see part of this block stall your seat Modifications have to do a matte silver plastic trim That behind it, the parking brake, transmission handbrake, two home cup grid Opened it, you can see Although it is full of deep, but there are not any AUN IN instance it is, or the other group or USB power jack in the inside That part of the seat material, in addition to that we have just talked about It has a red car outside the suture being modified It is also two kinds of fabric It has leather, and fabric That this fabric it is made of a material like suede A little suede effect, but it is a cloth fabric Overall sit up yet, to my present body type is in fact its constraints are also full of good covering power As for that, in the course of driving It seats offer how do we feel, will be a test drive when I talk to you to make a more clear explanation As part of the head, you can see No sunroof Overall speaking it Its entire first half We do with our previous test drive some of the cars a better If compared with the HR-V, then It lay in front of the whole sense of technology, is not as HR-V's If we say that keep CX-3 compared to it You can find it throughout the design sense The ingenuity of its design is not as CX-3 CX-3, it is my personal aesthetic point of view I would feel more beautiful Science and technology side, I will give HR-V relatively high score Well, we now see Vitara It is a more traditional More moderate design Let's look at its rear seat space In the part of the entire back seat, first came to sit Head space is absolutely enough You will not feel intimidated head That part of it chair in front of me adjust my 173 cm standard posture and I was put into the bottom of the steering wheel Under this way to tune out my knee does not hit the steering column status We can see that In fact, the entire knee space is very ample That if this space than with CX-3 together, this would of course be much better That space to sit up like this, you will feel as if the back seat of this car is in fact quite a big space But it Compared with those cars, then it's 2500mm wheelbase is actually the smallest Other cars, has 2620 friends, 2610 6 is 2 meters or In fact, with such a small space like this, I think the shape of space Behind the practicality, this way is thus increased As part of the window frame you can see It is above my eyebrows, not to block my sight The last part of the C-pillar face of it, in fact I turned a little to it did not stop my sight Then you can see that behind it there are three headrests headrests Three three-point seatbelts The middle of this does, in fact, it is hiding on top of it is housed in the inside And then, a pity that you can see Although it can be poured, but the seat back 64 separation It is no way to do a center armrest elbow out without a pillow out But then Although there is no central elbow pillow, but I believe there is no central elbow pillow this design Will make it's back, in the middle of this person sit up the back would be more comfortable, we try really It is not the middle of the center armrest or cup holder design its hair foam You rely on it you will find, in fact, not very stiff turn your back stuck out like this But it is also because it is relatively small car So I just come when, in the middle of the foot is actually more bad past The middle of it still has a small bulge Then the front central armrest, the distance from the rear seat cushion is very near You have to sit in the middle of it, actually, the past is not very convenient A little foot still open But then, as you can see, it's the height of the chair It's the seat is very wide, can support my whole thigh Then it's the seat is relatively high, let my legs, 173 cm vertical leg can also Overall support to So, if you want to travel, then relatively long distance, say from Taipei to Alishan, Chiayi go Then flew a long distance Sitting in the back, you will not feel much pain That addition to it, you can see behind it Both sides have two sets of ISOFIX This is it, on the back is also a practical functional plus points Before we officially launched on a test drive is still the same as we introduce it throughout the power system The power part, of course, is 1.

4 liters displacement, inline four-cylinder engine The system is coupled with turbocharging And it is a direct injection engine Well, this engine with a horsepower of it 140 when the output of 5500 rpm Torque 22.

4 kg – m, at 1500-4000 rpm when you can play a If we say that it is saying 1.

6-liter naturally aspirated engine compared to the case Its 1.

6-liter engine is 119 horsepower Torque is 15.

9 kg – m It is also smaller than come This has the engine it is SUZUKI their own developed a more high-tech engine In addition to the direct injection, it did a lot of lightweight engineering It can take care of its energy-saving, and then there horsepower output performance Then we can look a little bit, it does the entire engine It is not a trans-mounted engine As for the inverted style that is not inverted type with the difference in the end where you can take a look to my channel I am there to do a unit, to illustrate the trans-mounted engine with its advantage is not reversed, it is in the end what is the difference Then you can see it in front of it, is the exhaust manifold With a turbocharger in this section This section does The exhaust manifold Where? In fact, its exhaust manifold, the cylinder head is saying directly together It is one, but not the other locked to the manifold So, it's the entire space, its entire volume will become smaller This has the turbocharger, you can see, next to the one exhaust valve The exhaust valves it, mainly to control the car when you are in a low-speed, low-load low-rotation time To tell you the speed, acceleration when you again It turbine actuator in the end is kind of a situation it If at a low rotation low load conditions It will make the turbine slowly almost secondary effect will be a little less It this way, more energy can be more like the natural air intake, have relatively linear output If you want to re-tread, high load words It will immediately put its entire force of a turbocharger, the entire open You can see this screen It increases the overall boost value Then add more fuel injection, it's horsepower to play better As it was the intake manifold, i.


later in this section This paragraph does compare well to see It intake manifold is also very short, very small So, it is the whole car, the engine of the entire volume Are very small, very lightweight With the weight of the car that the whole of it It is the weight of the car is about 1200 kg up and down, not heavy So, it is with this lightweight engine with it this is not a heavy vehicle weight body Probably less than 1200 kilograms for it, it can get very good fuel consumption performance That we are today as we test drive 1.

4-liter, two drives, which is the precursor of the car, its fuel consumption is the best Even better than the 1.

6-liter naturally aspirated, it can run 18 kilometers per liter That can be seen in this form ↗↗↗ You can refer to, it's naturally aspirated, in fact, there are four transmission models are very good fuel consumption performance OK, that part of our power, just as we introduced to here Then we hit the road directly test drive it !! The fourth generation of its platform Vitara Is now in trafficking with before we know it SUKUZI their SX4 Crossover this car is the same platform Many of my friends really easy to confuse the chassis platform with SX4 Crossover say this is the same chassis In fact, I have before chassis systems in the film, in which I have a channel devoted to Chassis platform like this that it really is not the same In simple terms, the platform, which is included with the chassis systems Chassis systems, it is not the only front suspension, rear suspension Then shock absorber tube, springs, so simple It contains a lot of ah, chassis systems which contains what The transmission system comprising Brake system Then even your body This system will be classified in the chassis Even if you look, we see this today with the Vitara SX4 Crossover It's the same front suspension is MacPherson, as is the non-independent rear torsion beam suspension of the structure Structure looks the same It also does not necessarily mean it is exactly the same Because of its tune, it pounds Then its weight There will be some differences These differences with the naked eye you really can not see You may need to call up the data that you just know the difference simply put The release version adds Today, we test drive 1.

4T turbo with a naturally aspirated 1.

6 In addition to its engine is not the same In fact, it is not the same gear ratio gearbox While it is a six-speed automated manual transmission system There may be friends will think that it should be the same Same with gearbox In fact, it is not the same gear ratio I was relatively simple to describe what In the top of the gearbox 1.

4 Its gear ratio design is actually more economical, more energy-efficient In simple terms it It is a 1.

4 turbocharged engine with the gearbox this It gear ratio range of 1.

6 than the naturally aspirated far greater That It is then in the same gear for the sixth gear It will become more energy-efficient Some more fuel-efficient Why can this If we say that the same engine, the same output Gear ratio becomes way, then You should re-acceleration it would be more bad time at high speed But it 1.

4 Because it with a turbocharged engine Then horsepower and torque than the larger So it's one o'clock a wider gear ratio range can do So to make it more fuel-efficient And so he did It reacts in the car's actual fuel consumption As we just talked about Can run 18 kilometers per liter Is a special, relatively excellent Before that I test drive version of the naturally aspirated 1.

6 for everyone I have told you It is more comfortable to open up car Of course you swing a sense easier to understand That 1.

4T We are currently running on asphalt But a detour, inside a Hill In this detour top It opened up In fact, it is pretty tough suspension It is about supporting roll when cornering is actually good While its high higher car Is more than the average number of cars But you are doing this when turning You do not feel it is very obvious that This tonality or sport utility vehicle traveling paragraph It is relatively high center of gravity Easier to shake Instead, you turn when you are in these You'll feel like I now have a curved front I play a little turn so You will feel your support appear obvious Because you expect a sense of swing You find that in fact is to shore up But then Its wheelbase is relatively small because the car 2500mm It then with the electrically assisted power steering It is very lightweight steering wheel Such sub-plus relatively short wheelbase You are in the corners You turn the steering wheel when you feel it is very smart Even you in general road If that is the two-lane road You just do a U-turn It also turning radius of only 5.

2 meters So it is easy You open up the inside lane in some song You do a U-turn or dodge some vehicles You will feel just fine to open the car And also because it's actually not very wide vehicle width I just told you about over It is actually less than eight meters wide car So driving up Do not usually get open carts He even medium-sized car are too big friend Open such a car you would think it opened up and let you have more confidence Have more sense of trust Of course, ah, now I talk so much advantage of it belongs to all of this to look for it That said, if you talk about the shortcomings of words Because it is relatively minor axis And then, you are in the open, its power steering It's feedback, will make you feel pretty lightweight So you will feel the car a little feeling of light A little floating feeling Then you open in the city or in general we are today in this community of this mountain road inside to open the case You will also feel OK Feel not bad, open up quite handy And not soft But what if you drive on the highway above words Your speed highway about 100, 110 fixed speed like this when you're traveling Like I said from Taipei to Chungli open, I take the highway In such a vehicle, just next to the array have a relatively strong crosswind I feel it's body There will be a sense of rock It is easy to be affected by the surrounding environment Including next to side wind Or, you you open open open open in half There are car suddenly cut in, or you want to change lanes to see the situation in front of the time If your vehicle does not cut very low, then You still maintain 100 or more, you will feel It is in the car when changing lanes You would think, is not it feel a little lighter A little feeling of floating If you want to bring with us the general domestic mid-size car to more than words For example we have a good, up to the street Altis If you say this car changing lanes at speeds 100, I felt we open today compared to then Vitara You will find, this drove up at high speed when changing lanes, it will be a little feeling of floating So, I recommend If you are interested in this car for words Be sure when you test drive Must be used with staff about your business You must run some highway To experience This is not what I feel in your body You think you can not accept Or you feel the same idea with me of course Your general matter, if it is to comply with Jiaotongguize, you might feel better If Performance means you prefer, then come back to my side I tell you is that Mazda CX-3 You can go to consider, because With words for the CX-3 I was under the same conditions Highway lane change, it is very stable It is less likely to have a sense of swing, even inside the mountain Make a more flexible driving a tricky process You will feel, CX-3 to open up really compare with a run grid That moment we opened it Vitara It is a more The family was feeling in favor of comfort Then it is a little higher in favor of this Crossover relatively small, compact this atmosphere And it's run grid with is not so heavy If you want to ask, does it compare with the HR-V of the words HR-V treated in this regard Also be a little better than the Vitara In the steady transformation of the highway, as well as its high-speed cruise of Here I spent a lot more space in terms of this Because I sit to My first experience is the highway Because when we test drive it before Not so long highway experience Well, today I found It is in this respect It can also open up further strengthen Then you may want to ask me I really like this car, I want to how to strengthen Do it this way, comparing it to the so-called feeling of floating up suppression I think, 17-inch circle tire, it has 17-inch tires enough loop You can consider, in its suspension system above to do some upgrade It this way, it will feel a little better this whole Because the 17-inch should change the tires if you move again, then more than 18 I think it is not so much necessary Because this car itself, it is not set to allow you to do comparison run like grid like this In Vitara entire chassis is suspended After some uneven pavement, or turn it, you will feel the ground some potholes Heard throughout the car chassis Came the voice of the road It would be more sharp If bit more keep large SUV, RAV4 like matter, such as car or CR-V compared to the case This bit more like a large SUV footage back to the car sound would be more boring More widely, a little vague But it Now we Vitara above, you will hear the sound of it Seems to be relatively sharp But this sharp but not too hard to do because of suspension It is Voice came in, you will feel A little more concentrated In addition to its transmission system, six-speed automatic In the above shift, in fact, there is nothing to find fault with the place Because I now have been cut in the D range position It's a whole shift, in fact, is very smooth, very smooth up I also tried in hand row of fashion, to operate it at Actually, the whole sense of frustration performance, you are not likely to experience You'll feel like you open up still full of handy Just say, it is the entire driving mode Its gear lever Or next to, not a so-called Sport, a sports-oriented buttons and the like Although there is no sport mode button But then, it paddles Whether you are in the mode of the D range or the gearshift lever is directly cut your hand row pattern It can be through your paddles directly make a switch gear Whether upshift or downshift As for the engine output, we just have to mention it to do some lightweight Most important, I think a little more special, is It is at a time of low rpm, it behaves more like a naturally aspirated And its throttle response, turn pull In particular, the time from the start Or a very low speed, about the first gear Then suddenly stepped on the accelerator to second gear, third gear You will find it with the speed of the entire power output very quickly Will not have any kind of sense of hysteresis Even then, you are still in place throughout Suddenly the words out You turn the steering wheel, you will feel Its entire power to be very fast This of course, is saying the turbocharger design-related There had just told you about It is low when the turn, it can be controlled with a valve Do not let it turn turbines start so fast So When you step down You will feel like a naturally aspirated It does not have a very clear sense of the gap appears For, if you go on full throttle Its speed, ah, probably more than 2000 rpm 2200 rpm or so You will feel a significant acceleration strength out But then After all, it is the 1.

4 engine thing, but it is squeezed out of the horse and not too exaggerated Therefore, the general road in the city Or are you more accustomed to almost Your usual range, speed about 60 friends, 80, 90 middle You will find this car up pretty good If true, then open soon Of course, the output of the power behind it Or you will not have to imagine, then pressed a kind 1.

4 out of 200 So that kind of performance car feel That in part associated with driving as well as the comparison is this seat The seat, with my current stature is Today's weather is a little bit cool ah Wearing a thick coat In fact, it's about supporting ah, dependent, it is enough It then comprises the length of the seat is also possible to Like my whole thigh support can rest on top of it Only that bound both sides next to both sides of the Fortunately, it touches, it is not in favor of comfort on both sides of the thigh so tight constraints In addition to our part of the back seat just promising we demonstrate a larger space than I thought There is a bigger issue It is the door opening angle If you to showrooms, sales, then arrange for you to test drive Or when you go to enjoy the car show room Please be sure to back seat, on and off to try It's the back door opening angle is relatively narrow point You will feel a bit like pushing the door does not open In fact, the door opened little more convenient to get off on people but its point of view, relatively little You see what you can not accept, if Your back seat sometimes still manned That – that person's body type will be relatively large only, or that person He may move relatively slow point, then You have to think about it, get off on the way things were Will cause some slow, you have to wait a little longer he can smoothly ground vehicles Finally it, to be with you talk about why I started today I said, this was my car I would recommend at this stage from inside a car You should talk to CX-3 ratio Oh, CX-3 It is the whole car looks pretty though, have run grid, and then very dynamic design But then, it is not enough rear seat space is really too The people sitting inside you will find There will be more boring, more narrow sense Plus Although it has good technology, including its power transmission system But now, in order to Or in a small displacement, a turbocharger system Came relatively close to the people, some of the more practical I still kind of like that, it's torque to play Like, say Yeti, Yeti its 1.

2 displacement It has added a turbocharger Its horsepower, its torque Are demonstrated remarkable Quite enough And then talked about the HR-V, HR-V also the last time I talked about, that is, It is a single camshaft engine, naturally aspirated and that in this regard it If you keep Vitara performance than words Of course Vitara plus direct injection system Are better This point, I think Vitara also win Again talked about the Juke, Juke relatively long time Then talked about the Yeti Yeti is not saying more like, then size models Then a small displacement, turbocharged engine Indeed, but it Think back again Yeti ah, If we say that two cars let me choose words Indeed full of difficult Something really talk about Yeti You'll worth considering, then it is probably gearbox It gearbox although this year there is no disaster but then, my heart always some strange feelings Another point is that ŠKODA Its maintenance, than the Japanese Vitara for it, it will be more expensive This is understandable Also to say that has not come to what will happen with the C-HR compared it Vitara Basically, they price It may, there should be 200,000 gap although CH-R which is also a small displacement turbocharged engine But it As if taken under the import mode It's the price of it Today we would like to introduce this car It just 840,008 We today, now have not talked about it with everyone talking about the price In the introductory version of it, is 760,008 The difference with us now opened 80,000, 840,008 Next came 890 008 Just then, we have put Vitara, saying the competing products do some comparison Well, I think it has a comparative advantage That side of it, to its own three notches, how would you choose I think you want to buy, then you really have to buy two drive 1.

4T model is a precursor That naturally aspirated version you may not have considered Then four drive you also can not be considered Why I am here to speak with you Naturally aspirated because you do not consider although It is more than we currently test drive turbo supercharged version, cheaper 80000 But it Its first power, is relatively small Again, fuel consumption, not pretty That, of course plus 80,000, in addition to your headlights, LED headlights And then, some trim Then compare some interior design atmosphere is not the same, I think The best thing about power is enough, and fuel-efficient This is it To eighty thousand for it If you flat down, I think it is excellent value for money That may have a friend who would speak, I rarely open, I do a year of oil money saved Until I change, I probably do not cover it 80000 I still have to choose naturally aspirated version 1.

6 That I am here to speak with you You go to test drive 1.

4 with 1.

6, see the difference Because sometimes, a little bit cool some degree, perhaps It's eighty thousand Cover can indeed get over, you would think It is worth going to spend Why plus 50,000, four-wheel drive vehicle it I told you that do not have to consider, because For now friends Each of us bought this car a little higher cell car Whether or Crossover SUV You really four-wheel drive system, and then went to the mountains and then under certain conditions Use it to do? I really do not much We are all generally prefer a little higher vision and then the car was maintained at above asphalt Unless you have that kind of demand You just pay more to this 50 000, but If you are a never with Camping friends, like to play camping Like to play off, OFFROAD Those teams out to play a friend Then you really do not consider you to buy a four drive that I drive this four It opened up, may be more stable in certain conditions In fact, not You see two drives on asphalt above In accordance with the general driving habits, compliance Jiaotongguize You simply will not be called Said four transmission lets you In some situations, as in fact you can save two drives are definitely more than enough, can definitely cope with the What 4WD with AWD in the end there is not the same? AWD is a full-time four-wheel drive, the car is like the Subaru AWD What do you see to today Vitara It is equipped with four-wheel drive 4WD 4WD is, it can have four wheel drive, but it also is usually two main Finally talked about I recommend this car to another part, is security safety Its specification is set, is my favorite Whether naturally aspirated version Or turbocharged, four-wheel drive vehicle or precursor It all security systems are the same Including seven airbags Two positive front, both sides have both air curtain side air bag Then driving the knee there, seven, a total of seven airbags Then the dynamic stabilization system, the system TRAC Tire Pressure Monitoring System And then there-one of the braking system, these are the basic standard In addition it There are steep slope start assist, Hill-start assist is really very easy to use As I now climbing Crawl crawl in front suddenly encountered a situation may be a little stop, the car will then start This time you steep slope start assist it, it is very easy to use So, there are so many advantages based on its security I think it is worth recommending Finally, I was thinking, there may be a friend will ask me a question that is In fact, Suzuki in Taiwan Although it is a Japanese brand, but it is not strong It's warranty stronghold, it is not much of showrooms There are 25 rooms show it It then has 24 base warranty That there is, that there is room to show it did not come with a warranty stronghold That is, between the Lake Show Lake Avenue side of the dike In addition to it, it has to show among other warranty stronghold That it this way, it may have friends will say I think the warranty point, say 50, 70 Would be better But then, I offer an idea with you You buy a car, in fact, to tell you more or less stronghold warranty You may feel more, there are 50, 70 This is better But to tell the truth You will only associated with only one that is a home away from your nearest that one You only have to consider You buy this car, no matter what brand It is at this point in your neighborhood warranty That point, you go to be convenient when there will be any difficulty Will not say Nearest your home with a warranty point difference of even 50 km 2,30 km But if that's the case You may have to consider, if you buy this car What do you usually when the warranty will not be a waste of your time In addition it Assuming that this distance is 20 km, really, not nearly far But then, you can think again You do a year, probably You're going to plant maintenance times Like general Five thousand maintenance, the number of times you go back more than a year 10000 or 10005 Maintenance Maintenance The number of times you go back less If you go back and say that the number is relatively small, then You can consider that, in fact factory warranty slightly a little distance from my house But less than once a year because I probably Less than two times, you may be able to accept If you say that one family in this county that the county did not have the maintenance plant That really In the counties that brand and I see really that much to sell not go because Whole cities and counties are not, like, say, I suppose it is now in Chiayi I want to maintain that I have to go to Yunlin Is not that trouble you? This is a reference for everyone So, are they going to point its warranty near or far away from your home It can also be used as a car of your reference If you speak in your neighborhood It is no problem Even if it is the province's only two Next to you there Then you feel at ease Well, today's test drive, went to the side almost over At last Speaking with you To reward car, touch the entire door trim Its plastic And then, to feel, do you think this material for you Your acceptance about how to That side of it, next I was touched some acute angle, but it Taking into account its purchase price, as well as its safety features Like, I can tell myself that I can go to accept it That of course, if you say you asked for a better texture of the words Then you might add buy it, fare you, like to see other brands Today's program it, today's test drive If you like it, please give me my film according to a praise So, if you want to see more, or want to know more message You can subscribe to my videos or my website to leave your E-mail You will receive my latest information You can also add my FB fans Fun times inside wire group Sometimes does not necessarily put some Interesting information (laughter Nor is information, interesting news to interact with you Today to test drive here, I was just Liao, next time we meet, Bai Bai.

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