Suzuki GSR 750 Z 2016 prueba test (with subtitles in English)

Suzuki GSR 750 Z 2016 prueba test (with subtitles in English)

We tested the new Suzuki GSR 750Z naked with a sporty street fighter character.

Just stand in front of it, I have a strange feeling, it's as if in front of an authentic street fighter, not a bike check for it seems not, it seems one supersport stripped of everything superfluous, as did once, either to a less radical or after a tour of the agriculture use.

Everything I expected a very entertaining week.

Its design is aggressive and sharp, the front is chaired by a conventional lighthouse sharp lines, as good naked the protagonist is the fuel tank 17.

5 liters which they leave caps that protect the sides of the radiator, this z version comes with its unique decor is a clear homage to his racing colors.

Before getting always give them out in detail, and as I said before, it seemed that I was in front of a street fighter authentic, I had already cast my hopes of going riding a GSX R 2008, stripped of all unnecessary plastic.

The chassis is a double steel beam, the rocker is also of this material, the fork 41 mm is adjustable preload as the rear cushion, the computer Brake I expected a good radial calipers and what was my surprise at seeing tweezers two pistons.

even four.

I had a little.

descinchado although they have always told me you can not judge a book by its cover, motorbikes always had judged well.

the better part cycle, Maybe we'll not? I'll give a vote of confidence and will not pre-judge it all, yet not I've ridden.

The instrument is composed of a lap counter analog assisted by an LCD screen that gives us plenty of information, including gear indicator, fuel level and coolant temperature.

Once your controls posture is very natural, unforced, we quite upright.

Although the seat is located at more than 81 centimeters, because it is quite narrow in its part front we walk comfortably.

boot time has come.

During the first few meters, I find the heavy front end, rather bighead, although it is just a feeling and get used to a few meters.

With no GSR will dominate urban traffic, although we can defend, the turning radius is quite small, so that zigzagging through traffic will be for very specific situations.

The Touch is very smooth engine pushing from the lower part of the tachometer, brakes We offer a good dosage and suspensions are not too firm.

Although as I do not think anyone will buy this Suzuki city just to go, it's time leave.

On expressways obviously we lack aerodynamic protection.

The Touch Change is the best you and I had in a long time, the lever has a short tour the drive is smooth, very quiet even when first put.

For now the Kayaba suspensions seem to have a good balance between comfort and effectiveness.

On twisty roads the exchange rate seems to me rather long, though domesticated Suzuki tetracilíndrico of the GSR.

The drive is straight out of a generation previous GSXR, lowering the power to 103 horses and giving a power curve much flatter and usable from the lowest part of the lap counter, thanks to this and the relationship of longer change does not have to play too much change gear.

Both the chassis and the chassis that seemed scarce they are behaving perfectly, brakes show no signs of fatigue and although not enough, offer good braking, suspensions although not very firm give us a lot of information and therefore confidence.

Determined to embarrass the new GSR, going in search of the road mousetrap I know.

Address changes are fast and accurate, the ABS is not very annoying, although I will not let me drive as I want, and unfortunately you can not disconnect.

The output curve is overwhelming, just in lower gears moves us a little back in the fast moves slightly, partly due to lack of wind protection, but I think playing around with the preload of the dampers would be solved.

The average consumption of our test condition above 6 liters, although a more rational use must be around 5 The new GSR 750Z is a dressed naked street fighter, a priori may seem fair cycle, but it is the opposite behaves perfectly, is very noble and predictable, It also supports all types of use, including some input circuit.

Myself and found three things I would change, would be the first to disconnect the ABS.

The second is the performance of the engine, do not get me wrong, it works beautifully, but has no personality is very flat and lacks kick, this makes it more palatable for a larger number of users, but I'm old school, I can not help it, I like bikes with personality.

And the third is intermittent, the tulip Orange is very, very outdated.

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