RALLY DAKAR 2017 the results | Prices SUZUKI 2017 Models| Motorcycle News MN

RALLY DAKAR 2017 the results | Prices SUZUKI 2017 Models| Motorcycle News MN

Today's topics: Dakar 2017 – the final results,registration numbers exploding and more Stage 10A 751 km long section in which 449 km will be timed.

Peugeot pilot Stephane Perterhansel collidedwith motorcyclist Simon Marcic.

Peterhansel fought for the overall victory.

After the collision he stayed with the overthrownSlovenian until the rescue team arrived.

He lost almost 10 minutes to the top and fourminutes to his rival Loeb.

Apparently Marcic drove on a narrow passagein the wrong direction and collided head-on with the car.

He retired to an open tibia fracture.

Since the behavior of Peterhansel and hisco-driver, was only fair and right in spite of the fight for the overall victory, histime was then re-credited, thus he got the overall lead in the car standings back.

The day's victory went to Honda that day.

Frenchman Michael Metge won just 6 hours aheadof his team mate Joan Barreda.

However, he lost the day's victory after havinga time penalty of 60 minutes.

He had missed a waypoint.

Poorly ran it also for Hondapilot Ricky Brabec.

Only a few kilometers before the finish hehad a technical defect and could not repair it on the track.

That's why he had to give up and retired.

Sam Sunderland came only 13th in the finishbut was faster than his direct competitors and expanded his leadership in the overallevaluation.

Stage 11288 timed kilometers.

Honda driver Paulo Goncalves secured his firstday's victory.

After 3 hours and 18 seconds he reached thegoal, well a minute before his team colleague Joan Barreda.

It was the 4th Honda victory in a row.

Sunderland had a comfortable lead in the overallevaluation and supported his team colleague KTM-Pilot Walkner.

Sunderland waited for Walkner and let himpass, so he could drive with a clear view.

As Walkner had previously lost time, his secondplace was in danger.

By the gesture of Sunderland he could finallyextend his lead to the third by 4 minutes.

Stage 12 – die letzte EtappeIt went again over 786 kilometers, timed were only 64.

The day victor reached Yamaha pilot FarresGuell.

The Dakar – KTM superiority could not be stoppedthis year.

Since 2001, they are unbeaten on the Dakar.

All three podium places were occupied by KTMriders.

Sam Sunderland took his first win.

He is the first Briton ever to win the Dakar.

Matthias Walkner took second place.

Third was Gerard Farres Guell.

Suzuki has announced the prizes for the newline-up.

The GSX-R1000 will cost 16,590 €The GSX-R1000R 18.

990 €, the GSX-S750 8.

890 €, the small GSX-R125 4.

690 € and theGSX-S125 4.

190 €.

The prices are a non-binding price plus additional costs.

All prices can be found on Suzuki's homepage In December 2016 the number of registrationsfor motorcycles in Germany almost exploded.

Strictly speaking, the number of registrationsincreased by 258% compared to December 2015.

This is not due to the good weather, however,or motorcycling is slowly becoming popular again.

The reason is the introduction of Euro4.

As reported in 2017 may only motorcycles theEuro4 be allowed to meet.

For this reason, many manufacturers or tradershave used a daily permit for their remaining stock that does not meet Euro 4, in orderto secure the stock protection.

Because the motorcycle was already approvedbefore 2017, then one obtains an inventory protection and must not meet Euro4 also inlater approvals.

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