Nuova Suzuki Swift, la

Nuova Suzuki Swift, la

Here's the new Suzuki Swift.

I don't really like it.

The radar isn't well hidden in the grille underneath the bonnet there's the 1.

2l Dualjet with the micro hybrid engine the steering wheel is nice with many switches with the adaptive cruise control.

The cockpit has 2 standard instruments and an LCD display in between there's the new infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay I like the climate control and this car comes with standard or automatic the steering wheel can be setup in depth and in height, I like the finishes even though the plastics are a bit hard there are rear doors, even though this car is 3.

8m long, there's enough space for everyone the rear design is totally new, I like the rear fog light.

The trunk is big and deep this light blue version looks much better this is the 1.

0L engine with 111Hp and a weight of 1,000Kg, I believe it will be a good choice.

Here's the automatic 6 gears shift.

Source: Youtube