New Mercedes X Class pick-up truck will go on sale late in 2017

New Mercedes X Class pick-up truck will go on sale late in 2017

Mercedes X-Class pick-up truck Certainly inspired by the rousing success of the burly Volkswagen Amarok, Mercedes-Benz today pulled the wraps off a midsize luxury pickup of its own.

On a stage at the Artipelag art museum in Stockholm, Sweden, the Concept X-Class arrived in two forms: a pearly white stylish explorer and a pea-green powerful adventurer.

Technically, the X-Class isn't Mercedes' first pickup; the company's Argentine arm experimented with two- and four-door production pickups back in the 1970s.

The 220D "La Pick-up" more closely resembled a funeral flower car or a parts runner for a race team than a traditional pickup, but it earned a passionate following.

"I guess it wasn't exactly the toughest pickup ever from a technological point of view, " said Zetsche, "and it wasn't a great success from an economic point of view, either.

But it grew a huge fan base.

" From a style standpoint, the powerful adventurer is arguabily the more successful of the two X-Class versions, with winches fore and aft, ginormous tyres and a little fire extinquisher on the dashboard.

The truck is believably capable and handsome in an unsurprising way; the adventure-ready model looks quite a bit like the modified Toyota Hilux the former Top Gear boys drove to the North Pole back in 2009 All X-Class trucks will feature a stout ladder-frame structure, torque-rich V6 engines and permanent all-wheel drive.

The debut event was heavy on adjectives, light on numbers, but Mercedes says the truck will be sufficently muscular to haul four cubic metres of firewood and tow a sailboat at the same time.

Because, you know, outdoors.

Naturally, the X-Class will carry the usual array of Mercedes safety and luxury touches.

A production version of the X-Class arrives at the end of 2017.

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