New BIKE 2017 Honda New CB150R SE | Vakum Nge-Youtube?

New BIKE 2017 Honda New CB150R SE | Vakum Nge-Youtube?

Hello guys welcome back to Riz9u Youtube Channel and this time I'm more on the edge of rice fields (not important really yes) and This time I want to nunjukin to you Arghhh my new bike, so maybe some of you already know for those who already follow my Instagram I've uploaded my story Instagram dateng bike time.

And what's the bike? the bike is This is it.

2017 All New Honda CB150R ♫ Music ♫ Emmmm, for this time I was not going to nge-review or test ride this bike I want ngejelasin cuman er, yes want nunjukin this bike and want ngejelasin why I bought this bike why do not CBR250RR or maybe why not CBR150R or maybe why not TVS Apache RTR 200 new or perhaps another two-cylinder motors or other yes and I do not want to make a review or a test ride for yes if you know, already many test ride test ride motorcycles and this review, good review or a regular video blog for a test ride and also because of this I've before I buy it've never tried this bike and I did not make the video.

And yes've than cuman here wrote, we wrote way.


And if you see, on the left there was no Mount Merapi, cuman clouded because this already at ten less than six minutes and okay my bike back again this problem.

Jadiii CB150R why I chose it, why not identical CBR250RR which has not long been out of this or maybe why not take the two cylinders at the same time or maybe why did not the Apache 200 was so if for the problem of why I did not download or CBR150R CBR250RR Simple really, I do not like motorcycle fairing cuman the hell wrote.

Although it was cool yes yes CBR250RR honest just because it is cool cuman different tastes of different yes heck yes.

I would prefer to naked bike of the fairing so yes.

Although the CBR is cool yes, already upside down, throttle-by-wire, there is a riding mode and I think that does not need no riding mode but heck yeah okay well there riding mode.

(How is it) Keep on the model already moge look ya, hold ya that.

Because I prefer naked and yes've I take this CB150R.

If for example there is already CB.

CB250RR or yes CB250 want aR aR or double, very important Bodo sss CB250 CB sat.

(Tongue sprain) If there are two cylinder CB250, probably yes I'll take it.

Because it has not ya know it would come out when and so have I'll take this.

And why you do not take the two-cylinder naked bike the other, there is the MT-25 or Z250 or.

Moreover, huh? Inazuma possible? Moreover, two-cylinder naked heck? Yes it was.

Why? Because Emmmm, I prefer this promiscuous so, than that between the MT-25, Z250 or Inazuma.

Inazuma cuman I think that if it is too gambot for me.

Just be more promiscuous me this, why I would prefer either to CB150R though still one cylinder yes.

If the problem TVS Apache 200, right before I've made the 160cc TVS old yes it and.

there TVS also and why I did not take it because, how ya.

When this was compared with other, more I chose this because of how ya, TVS Apache 200, according to me a little bear who called it.

With a model like that, with prices not far adrift at this, I think that rather bear it because why? Apache 200 was still wearing the oil cooler, while the liquid is already disposable cooler with almost the same price that was yes.


Arghhh Apache 200 was still a five-speed, six-speed, this DOHC, Apache've already ehh Apache, the Apache still SOHC, yes it does not matter anyway I think that.

speed also does not matter what the five of six, I also did not really particularly like speeding.

Cuman yes it was nanggungnya why still use the oil cooler, not wearing liquid-cooled as well.

Continues, I think that the model is a little too cool cuman gambot yes and minusnya again, for me heck yes it is.

Seats (seat) is too wide and too high anyway, though tasty seats anyway, I've never tried to sit right tender, tasty.

Yes it does I think that it's that bear it, to find one adrift how ya? Yes cuman same sedikitlah adrift.

So, yes have I chose this, though emmm many advantages in Apache heck does that not also exist here.

For example, do you know this is not no kill switch and there's no light switch.

If I personally prefer that no switch lights, so it can mainin lamp, lamp life like dusk, the major lamp or want dimatiin.

Continues, there's no Arghhh beam pass pass it, it includes weakness here hell yes.

Moreover continue huh? For speedometer (dashboard means) also.

The Apache was no gear indicator, there is a shift shifter light, continue to exist let alone so that nobody here is it? Emmm top speed nah top speed record so what's his name, can know how many top speednya it.

So what else is it? There is a fuel indicator yes if abis flame (gas flame symbol've stayed little gas station) There continues to be an indicator ABS though nobody ABSnya ya can to show off show off to others.

"It's already ABS" when cuman doang indicator is not no ABSnya So what else ya? (USB Charger forget sebutin) Yes if the speedometer display (dashboard means) I like heck to see the 200 Apache models.

And cuman yes it was hell which I think a little bear who, together bodynya I think that too gambot.

And maybe it's okay that I wrote omongin yes, and oh yes all I want ngumumin for several har, not a few days yes yes next few months I have not been able nentuin how long.

I would vacuum YouTube jamming while yes for yes it was a few months I have not been able nyebutin how ya month.

I want a vacuum of YouTube, so maybe this is my last video yes (baseball anyway) the possibility of yes, or maybe I rarely upload with a long lag time, or may not upload at all for several months it.

But for Instagram I'm still on ya, Instagram I riz9us (already dressing so riz9u_yt) it is still always on, Always On cuman weve vide I rarely upload, upload a photo or video.

And maybe even me more, for the time being more active to Instagramnya, maybe I would be more frequent uploads possible, probably yes.

And for my YouTube a short stay.

And okay, it cuman omongin ya want me.

Okay so than I'll see you in my next video.

Bay bay.

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