My Fairlady | Datsun 280z | CineCarsTV | Eng Subs

My Fairlady | Datsun 280z | CineCarsTV | Eng Subs

I am Sander Petit, 49 years, still a young boy with this one big passion for cars.

And a special place for this one.

My Datsun.

Already as a young boy I liked this one.

My older brother already drove one.

So I got the virus.

There was only one car, the Datsun 240, the 260 or 280 did not differ much.

It is almost the same car and a very nice one.

And on top of that, it is a fantastic ride, great handling.

My first job was in Amstelveen (NL) and I had to start on a Saturday at 9 AM.

When I arrived at 8:45, you'd never guess, I came in late.

In the parking lot, two of these Datsuns were for sale, a blue one and the other was red.

As fascinated I was, I kept circling around the cars.

I didn't have the money.

I still drove a moped.

So on the first day on my first job, I started a little late.



I like to drive this car very much.

Ever since I was a small boy, this was my dream car.

I did not start with it first.

I first owned some other cars, but about 21-22 years ago it finally happened.

Finally, I was able to drive this car.

That was so great.

It was a dream come true.

When I bought this car the initial plan was to drive it on a daily basis.

I had a car from my job I used every day, but I used this car for short drives, shopping and such.

Then you start improving the car.

making it nicer.

Until the engine needed a revision.

I handled it together with my brother.

This car was meant to stay with me for a long time.

So, about 10 years ago, I worked on the outer finish of the car.

It was completely stripped.

Only the engine and such remained in the car.

It was still functional but the doors were removed, as well as the windows and the complete interior.

So it had a perfect paint job, and the some welding that was needed, I did myself.

During the restoration of my car, that took a few years, I did infect some other people with the Classic-virus.

My own brother could not resist and bought a Datsun 280z about two years later.

In the meanwhile, the car was not that common anymore.

You could still find it in some catalogs and old-timer-shows but it disappeared from the streets.

Luckily the number of cars is increasing.

A lot of them are imported from the US.

It turned into a car for real adepts.

Th car is well known because of the safari-rally, the Monte Carlo.

The car performed very well in endurance rallies.

In the East Africa Safari Rally, it reached first place in 1970.

'71 and '73, third.

So the Datsun became a well known rally car and sales increased in the US.

The car was also available in Europe but was not sold in great volumes, because it was a bit more expensive here.

As the Datsun entered the market back in 1969, it competed with German, Italian and English sports cars because it was more affordable, faster, and reliable, and, thereby, unavoidable.

The design for this car was made by Albrecht Goertz.

who also designed cars like the BMW 502 and 507 and, lucky for us, this one.

Memorable for his designs are the long nose and short back are evident for Albrecht Goertz.

Nissan's technology proved reliable over the years and I am very fond of the construction of Japanese cars because they are very decent build.

After all these years, it is a very reliable classic car that is still fit for daily use without problems.

Here I can show you what it it all about.

The power source for Nissan was always a 6 cylinder inline.

Available in 2.

4, 2.

6 and, this, the 2.

8 liter engine.

Specific to this engine is the power that is available for the full range.

It has tremendous torque.

From stand still, it comes up to speed very fluently and also increases speed easily while driving.

A nice hidden feature in this car, I never need it, it probably is hardly used, this light bulb can reach for every corner in the engine compartment for service purposes.

But we don't need it so we close it again.

Very funny it is in there anyway.

Every year, I go to Italy with some guys with Porsche 911s and 912s.

Avoiding all highways, getting up speedg and searching for the littlelest mountain roads.

And full speed downhill again.

At the end of the day, we finish with beer and a pizza where we decide where to go the next day.

'That's gonna be the Stelvio' and when it is possible we drive it even twice these steep curves, that is what these cars are made for.

Source: Youtube