What's up guys What's up guys It's like this my dudes What's up guys Supp In this video we will be putting this thing here This was so bad So guys has you have seen, yourselves we have here these mirrors of the highest quality has you can see by the fusion marks here what we want to do it putting them here wow it didn't work let's try it later, you'll see.

we hope I am doing a stance shot hey Ivo forgot to tell you we will be using the colour "matte black" (racist chinese accent) First step, marking with tape right Ivo ? we are marking reference points is it good ? noooo noooooooooo has you can see the mirrors don't have the best quality so what we want to do is sand it off a little bit and paint it with matte black here are 2 great engineers using a measuring tape I think it's the first time we use measuring tools to make sure everything fits this might actually look alright we will remove the originals and put up something to cover it up all of it, very important modifications, aesthetics is life (sarcastic) hello people at home (pedophile picture) that was so pedo fuck saaake mindseption bro fuckin hell hello good afternoon Ivo took the old mirror to make it easier to see the end result to give it a jdm look we are now marking the other side is it still on the same spot ? we had an idea to fill up the holes of the old mirrors we are going to make a plaque saying "Esmaga"(smash) and the plaque will fit in my dick as we were having trouble defining where the mirrors should go due to the weird perspectives of Ivo's garage we moved the Datsun to the middle to have a better perspective right ? yeah to see those 2 cars, don't record them ! the objective is to put a mirror here and see clearly what's behind and in the same parallel line the other mirror here let's see if we can make everything on time let's do some tunning I am hidden in the shadows hello guys let's see if this goes well or not it won't it's loose there it is another hole to rust it's looking good man it looks like it is yeah we are that stupid after all.

or are we ? it's looking better, did you come in my taxi without permission ? yeah for fuck sake.

we are now seeing if the other side is going to look the same or not Chambel is over there (gummy bear song) I quit I am going outside film stuff sayonara after talking about memes we are now drilling once again fuck sake bori bori will now to come to guide us on sanding the mirrors right ? that's what I heard yeah where is bori bori ? wait he's calling me hello ? you there ? oh ok we'll meet soon then cya he's taking so long to show up man what's up ? oh look he's there we are here with bori bori he's on his throne, meditating and we need him to know how to sand the mirrors properly bori bori help us, what is life ? life are drills ok and the mirrors ? ohh these ones ? yeah those so you disassembly these part then you sand it and paint it now I'll have to go buy some bread ok ? ok goodbye goodbye bori bori well, bori bori help us a lot, Ivo is back now we will be able to finish this thanks to the mighty god bori bori oh look chambel, what's up ? let's organize the tools the 2 mirrors are done and bori bori already helped us with what to do next so we should be fine we don't have anything (old kids show reference) as told by bori bori we will have to sand it down, so chambel is now taking off one of the mirrors while Ivo is trying to fix the other one, we might have fucked up the screw entry on the other one we fucked the screw hole a little bit let's see if we can fix it it's fine now it's done dude is it fixed ? the video was saved by him dude basically the screw got screwed while test fitting it and it blocked the passage of the other screw that attaches the mirror we unscrewed it a little bit and so far so good but let's not push our luck and sing victory if you are asking yourselves how I am so good at this I haven't got a clue it's good already I am shocked, very shocked there it is, plaque we talked about 3d printed and all, we are jokinnnng we called bori bori and he told us not to forget to clean everything after sanding and before painting it that's what we are doing now look at it without mirrors, it looks weird it doesn't have it's ears hehe the question is will it look good ? all sanded up and clean, now it's time to paint them while Ivo has to leave again time to paint it with our fancy technology if you are wondering why Ivo has to leave he is a drug dealer and forgot the drugs (it's tea) goodbye one is done and drying, let's get the rest done smash that my dude preparing to get paint on me everything is painted this one is almost dry, this one is dry it's looking good man, this was just painted next step is assembling everything right ? assembling everything, putting everything in place, see if it "works" as it should and we might open the trunk after anyone wants a slice of pizza ? we on the "cock" break very likely we will be discovered by a news channel (joke) they pass there sometimes I would love to be discovered by them (cmtv is known here as a joke channel) Ivo is just trying to see if he can paint the hole to prevent it from rust another thing we were going to try and do is open the trunk we can't open as you normally would so we have to go in from inside let's see if we can do it before the light ends we trying to get in the trunk by removing the seats what's the feeling of being in the back seat of a datsun ? better than cleaning cars at ikea, what ? we are selling this on olx (the equivalent of craigslist) from nowhere the car would become a transformers and was like who's stealing my fucking seats ? bam bam look at the floor, it has shit but not rust so Ivo is.

apparently it has no rust so I am happy this was a burp that's what you get when you eat "cock" we had to get a plier the screw was ground we are putting it all back, we gave up on the idea of getting to the trunk today why do we want to see the trunk ? we have an extra transmission and an extra muffler emptying out the battery we are going to mount the mirrors in place to be true jdm and dori dori approved it looks good this has to be adjusted one of them is ready a bit loose this one is done well guys both are painted, mounted now they just need to be adjusted according to the drivers view obviously I think it looks cool with the outside glossy and the rest matte just to give you an idea of how it looks from the inside they still have to be a little bit adjusted but this is how it sits as of now how home made plaque the video comes to an end, we ended up giving up on the trunk, light has almost ran out and we have to be patient with the datsun we ended up just doing the mirrors which in my opinion look very good very jdm it's jdm yeah it looks amazing it gives another look to the car and I think you guys watching also like it and that's it really not sure what the next video will be about.

I hope you have liked it, if you did click the like button, subscribe, comment and share it, see you guys later pretty heee boy "esmagaaa"(smash) did you guys went to expo 98 ? fuck off son of a bitch I can't do that.

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