Mitsubishi ASX 2017- El crossover que lo tiene todo… otra vez.

Mitsubishi ASX 2017- El crossover que lo tiene todo… otra vez.

With a million units produced since its launch in 2010 The ASX has been an international success Mitsubishi Motors Corporation thanks to this Mitsubishi has gone this success by improving development and constant evolution and today presents the new ASX generation coming to Guatemala with better equipment, technology and Improved design.

Its front design is renewed with a new made blind by three rows that bind with horizontal headlights now with more aggressive look design style thanks to Dynamics Shield already incorporates another model Japanese brand This design seeks to symbolize functionality and high security its utility vehicles with rays chrome on each side of the blind framing the emblem of the three diamonds for a move Three-dimensional in its side has a stunning design protection through line diagonal bars black on the ceiling and 215/60 tires Rin with rings 17 and folding mirrors electronically.

The advantage of having good ASX height allows you to have access to unconventional ways remember that the vehicle is not 4×4 but allows you able to walk confidently on roads for example land without worrying about imperfections or find by some hole that would not be any ASX problem for the box itself CVT reacts very well on roads ground because it allows us a ride fluid and that is very good to avoid skidding or sliding.

We are now in other conditions Driving am now in road and we know very well that road leading to the old city to the capital city has curves very pronounced and there we will take Also advantage of what the system multi link so we can have a perception of how the vehicle has a excellent cornering power without regardless of the speed at which we go that's a point that adds more comfort and Security also because the car is more stable by having a smaller volute That means that the vehicle is not moving so much in what is its tilt from side to side to when entering curves and box CVT is a box that adapts to according to their speed and also the engine need to put in the way manual may feel like now vehicle will revolutionize and what makes you feel the power of your engine.

Engine capabilities, good It is a 2,000 cc engine It has 149 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 198 Nm also generates torque at 4000 rpm and that good range also allows us together with the house podernos fun also if we need more power to time to go beyond the box gives us that extra to be adjustable to the speed precise to make the most what is the engine and especially me like the idea of ​​having the paddle ships They are located at the helm, they are of great size and these can be action at any time to have This sportier performance.

ASX has it all, that is their motto and we must also highlight what is your radio, your radio multiformat presents accepts CDs also Bluetooth connection for both power but cell phone use also to play music additional mind have USB input and auxiliary is fine aesthetically integrated in the center console.

The air conditioning is automatic is You can be selected by temperature and you can also rotate the knob to have a manual adjustment intensity is also very good integrated and you're looking to keep especially the aesthetic.

The board will submit to dizzying found both the metro taco as the odometer separated into two cylinders with a perspective quickly channeled our attention and reading all whatever your typography is very easy to have it in contrasting white lettering black background with easy to read Additional mind added an screen in the center that tells us Fuel consumption values ​​and Also valuable information.

The passenger compartment presents full of light but you have to highlighting one of the aesthetic aggregates and what else will enjoy not only passengers going on front row but also those who leave in the second row and pay attention to this They can notice how it's going illuminating the interior is surprising size that brings this soonruf It covers almost 80% or dare I say perhaps even more than which it is the ceiling light fills it It makes it very nice for us enjoy the journey both day or also at night, it's something so we can enjoy in the city and gives He added very unique aesthetic to ASX for those who handle the ASX by first with the CVT box you will notice with feelings completely different from what could have been a Conventional automatic transmission one can step on the accelerator can feel that revolutionizes vehicle but it takes a little later reflected in what is inertia movement but do not be fooled because if you pay attention to odometro accelerates the vehicle if enough fast, but is part of the sound that deceives us because the boxes CVT regulates itself in order to seek greater performance no matter the conditions it then a box of virtually constantly it adapts.

Well today we could try the ASX on a dirt road, on a path stone, road and now we discovering its urban side.

the ASX It comes to compete in a segment highly contested line between Compact SUV crossover and defined if the vehicle has or does not have traction 4×4, but after his performance there are very similar It comes very well equipped and comes looking be a more interesting proposition for a consumer becomes increasingly more demanding.

Now we go this scoring system the ASX comes with a new design and also marks the very identity Mitsubishi has in their models Large we give it a 8.

4 so because It has done quite well.

In the CVT engine box is this version I tested has done good work on dirt road It is to maintain a continuous attraction so he has done very well in prolonged road curves maintaining power without letting the fainted and motor traffic has I looked to give a conduit very soft that's why we give it a 8.


efficiency also we found again CVT gearbox contributes much to keep consumption fell 8.

2 you get.

Chassis suspension does a good job to reduce vibrations in maintaining speed curve and prolonged Also give you a sense of control to pilot therefore give it a 8.


As well a vehicle's comfort equipped with good detail and designed for the community not only the first row occupants but also the second gives a very good score and that is why we give 8.

0 Security two bags are included air and safety system active and passive is a vehicle that It transmits its security from the moment drive and thus get 7.

9 Good friends can say that in Conclusion The ASX comes with good well-equipped technology and design very attractive to compete one of the most disputed segments Guatemala I want to remember him as always You can also make your test for management approaches that agencies Mitsubishi represented here in Guatemala by Excel Automotriz and you You can also draw your own conclusions.

I am Agustin Casse and we We see to a next time.

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