Mercedes Classe E SW 220 CDI (new 194 cv, 1.950 cc diesel) | Primo test [ENGLISH SUB]

Mercedes Classe E SW 220 CDI (new 194 cv, 1.950 cc diesel) | Primo test [ENGLISH SUB]

the presentation of the SW version of the E Class has always been a crucial moment for Mercedes this car is suitable for people who drive a lot and for who need a lot of space, thanks to the 640L of load capacity and to the 1800L, with the seats lowered this car 4.

93m long, 185cm wide and 147cm tall, it's very big but it's very aggressive the front grille is all new, it reminds of the AMG version, with the big logo.

I really like the new active front lights with full LED technology the lower part is very nice despite this grill is fake but it has an aerodynamic function.

It looks pretty sporty this car has 19inch rims with 245/40 and 275/35 tires this car has ventilated discs at the front, with big calipers this car has many interesting detail but the most relevant is that this car can be opened by mobile phone with NFC technology let's get on board.

I'll put my phone in the central tunnel.

the dashboard has two big displays and the top is coated in leather.

It has a wave shape on the lower part, with a blue LED light that goes all the way to the doors the carbon finish looks very nice and it goes along well with the contrasting stitching on the leather I like the Designo seats, which are the top of the range.

they have active sides which move while turning.

they can be heated or vented from here.

They can be set-up in many ways through the switches on the door panel I really like the design of the central tunnel where there are many switches, the classical watch and and infotainment switches which are very useful I must admit that this controller is quite comfortable on the left I can set up the driving mode, while on the right I can adjust the radio volume, while here there's the rear camera switch, which can be viewed in many different ways the cockpit has many informations, with the speed in the centre and the Rev counter, which goes up to 6,000Rpm, despite the car doesn't go up more than 4,500Rpm here it says the range left.

I can set up the screen through this touch button on the left.

same thing for the right button that works for the right screen the steering wheel is very nice since the upper part is in leather and the other is perforated.

There are paddles behind it for the 9G-Tronic which works very well with this new 1950cc engine the rear seats are comfortable, there's enough space for me to sit, despite I'm very tall.

I really like the double sun roof since it filters well the UV on top there are the switches that allow to contact the concierge service.

I'll try to call now going back to talk about the rear seats, the seats are very similar to the front ones.

They can be lowered in order to expand the trunk.

In the middle there are the climate settings they are answering from the Concierge service, so let's ask them something the operator is Italian, so that's good for me, but the phone operator can see the language of the car and answer in that language the phone operator is looking for a restaurant meanwhile, here in the back there's a niche carbon finish, Burnmester stereo and LED lights.

The leather is very nice and overall the finishes are well done I saw your position, so I'm sending to the car the info to reach a place where you can eat a pizza the phone operator can tell us every destination we would like to find, from an hotel, to a service station etc.

Here it is where I?m gonna go eat tonight.

Thank you! this service works very well let's now go see the trunk, but first of all, look at the exhaust pipes, they are fake even on this car, unfortunately talking about the trunk, it has a load capacity of 640L.

There's a lot of space and it gets even bigger by lowering the seats from here.

There are some hooks, a 12V outlet and there's a lot of space underneath it from this switch we can stop the opening of the trunk so that we can open it according to our needs let's go drive this new 1194cc engine here we are on board of this ne SW E Class.

The outer design is all new, but the real new feature is the all new 1,950 engine that replaces the 2143cc engine I must say that it's very silent and more silent than the older engine.

It comes with a power of 150 and 194Hp and later one will come a more powerful one.

It has a torque power of 400Nm at 1,600Rpm.

This power goes up to 3,500Rpm, reaching its max power at 3,800Rpm This car is pretty heavy but thanks to its great dynamics, this car is a pleasure to drive.

You can see now the autopilot.

The car stopped by itself.

It can even follow the street by itself well this engine has a great torque power and it's very elastic, starting from 1,500 to 4,00Rpm.

I really like it.

It has a twin turbo and it's very light, working perfectly for this car the steering is much more precise than the older model.

Engineers have done a good job.

The steering is pretty fast band it's almost as good as BMW's.

5 Series is still better to drive but this car is more comfortable and quieter than BMW.

It even has better better materials I have really enjoyed driving it on the highway.

It's very stable even thanks to the good distribution of the weight and to the well set up suspensions that give a good feedback.

The steering wheel is very nice to hold.

It's a bit chubby and the switches are easy to use the driving position is good, the seats are very comfortable, since they are the top of the range.

They are vented and heated.

They have a memory function too.

The driving position is well thought for long trips with a family or for work the design is very nice.

Mercedes has done a good job on it.

It really has a lot of space for everyone and everything talking about fuel consumption, we are at about 6.

3L/100Km for our 30m drive, but it's lowering now.

That's not bad since I'm sure that they will drop to 6L/100Km.

A the beginning we were driving in town and due to the high weight the cunsumption in town is high the 9G-Tronic is faster than the older shift and it allows to have the right gear in every situation.

Driving fast using the paddles is useful a double clutch shift would be faster than this power converter shift, but this one works very well, it's smart and precise this is an interesting car.

It's comfortable and fun to drive.

The starting price is of about 50,000 euro for the 150Hp version, while it is of 55,000 euro for the 190Hp version which comes with the Sport package.

This is the right price for such car and it is in line with other brands that's it for today, tell us what do you think about it.

Bye bye!.

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