Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza (XA Alpha) : First Impressions : PowerDrift

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza (XA Alpha) : First Impressions : PowerDrift

Alright then! welcome folks to PowerDrift!, we are at the first coverage of the auto expo 2016 we happened to be at a car which is no other then the Vitara Breeza by Maruti Suzuki, Ninad is here to join me and he's gonna spend the whole day with me and we are gonna take you trough, a series of vehicles,so let's get started.

a great looking car Ninad,fantastic, i really love the floating roof concept and it's a sub 4meter SUV and that, Maruti was looking at entering the sub 4meter SUV segment, they have done it in style, thats what i must say, it does get projector headlamp's it's got a nice muscular grill and then wide wheel arches, they have concoured the proper beefy aggressive look,with that,they've put in effort's to make it look classy, Really!, when it come's to looks, i think this is one of the better looking compact SUV's in this segment for sure, at the back what you see is the ZDI batch, yes the badging,which then means that this is not going to be one of the the next R series car's, which also means that this will then be available folks in the 2t and 2L cities, basically all across India, which is good,coz a lot of us Indian's love SUV's and a lot of us would be wanting to go for this one.

it will have the multijet 1.

3 liter diesel engine and from what Maruti has told us,it will have the 90Bhp variant, the one with variable geometry turbo, that one which we have seen in the Ertiga and Ciaz already,same one, with the 5-speed gear-box powering the front wheels, a quick look onto the side of the car folks,now this.

i really like the way the car looks, it's a sub 4meter car basically this is rivaling mainly against Ford Eco Sport, thats correct!,and hence they would be coming out with an engine which will rival the Ford's Eco Boost engiene, it's not going to happen rite away,rite!,around end of March or maybe 1st week of April, Rite! is when we'll see this car on road, Absolutely, but at that time i belive it will only have the diesel, and the petrol engine will come later in the year,because that's gonna be a fully new engine for India,rite!, it will come with a turbo charger and making around 100Bhp,and it will be a 1liter engine, which means it will be also tax compliant, so this car's gonna be at a,at a fantastic price or at least that's what we hope, we don't know the price today, the car is just being unvailed, incase there is a petrol engine the 1.

2,then the prices may start as low as 6&half lakh rupees, Wow!, if Maruti decides to just stick to diesel ones then the price's can start at arounf 7.


5 lakh rupees Rite!,so this is how the Vitara Brezza looks like,i thing quiet nice,you look and you know it's a Maruti car, once again, but it definitely looks nice,look's nice,what about the space,i do not think that it's gonna be great as far as, interior space is concerned,because you have restraint's, you have to fit in a car under 4meter, you want something that looks like an SUV,so you have to have a big bonet at the front,and you also expect the boot space, then you can't have a large gap,so they have made an effort that's all looking nice,the car looks nice, 300liters of boot yes, think is a little small,but it isn't too bad if you're not going to use the rear seat as much, then you should be fine,i think even for people sitting at the back isn't going to be as bad, let's take a quick seat at the back, so you got an arm rest to start with in the Vitara Brezza,at the back,ther's a , Oh! ther's a hook here, a load hook, maximum 3kg's,well that's all the shoppin bag's that my wife would carry, compared to the Eco Sport,this would be as spacious or?, well the Eco Sport isn't a spacious car,again for the same reason that there is constraint, from the outside i've really come to like this car a whole lot,given the fact it's very difficult to make these cars look good, sub 4meter car's,but this dose'nt look out of propotion either at all, and on the inside i quite like it and Ninad could have been happier with a bit more space excavated, that's what he says, ofcourse this is our first impression as the car is unveiled here at the auto expo, no doubt it is one of the biggest show stoppers,a car which is developed fully in India, and this is the world global premier of this car, ladies and gentle man it was great fun to be here, and we promise to bring you lot more dope,hourly updates about all the possible vehicles at the auto expo 2016, stay tuned,stay subscribed, that's it for now.

good bye!.

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