Installing New Struts on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma – Arctic Version

Installing New Struts on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma – Arctic Version

First, locate appropriate parts, then dig a pit to support a jack, install a plank worthy to support a truck drive over the pit with a hard frame part.

jack up the car get ready to remove the wheels, then turn the wheel as far as it can go go get your socket take off the top and the bottom connectors.

Here it is removed, eww, look at that CV boot.

here is the top without a strut in it.

theremoved strut looks like this.

apply the strut compressor and carefully tighten try to take off the shock absorber mount bolt.

it was too stuck for my tools to remove.

I tried holding one part steady with the small open end wrench, But ended up cutting it off with a hacksaw.

I tore it off.

Then I was able to remove thestrut top.

It didn't have any pressure on it, because the spring compressor was working.

I took it out of the other end since itwas now loose.

I put the new strut into the spring assembly, now I was able to put a bushing on there.

And applied the strut topper.

I used the hardware from the kit to put on newbolt to hold the package together.

Shiny! I gently released the tension on the compressor.



I removed the spring compressor But the last part was a little stubborn.

Had to twist it special to get it off.

Now it was safely removed.

I put the boltsback through the strut tower spot.

After putting the nuts on, I put the bottom shock part into its place.

It was stubborn and I had to use a crowbar.

I worked it into place with onebar and then held it with the other.

Until I got the bolt to thread through corrrectly.

I torqued all the bolts to the proper spec.

Then I put the wheels back on.

I put the lugnuts and covers back, and look at the nice new shock in place!I repeated it for the other side, and it only took all day.

Luckily, days are short in the Arctic,so it was only about 5 hours including lunch.

Torque wrench too!!! THANKS For WATCHING!.

Source: Youtube