[Hot News] The New Honda Civic 2017 Full Reviews

[Hot News] The New Honda Civic 2017 Full Reviews

Now in the second year of its most recent successful redesign, the 2017 Honda Civic has once again proven that it is a go-to choice among compact sedans.

Not only does the Civic offer a roomy cabin, great highway comfort and lots of standard features, it also has class- leading acceleration and excellent EPA fuel economy ratings.

Contrary to what you'd expect in a small car, the 2017 Civic's interior is quite spacious, with plenty of room in the trunk to handle whatever you throw in it.

The interior feels more upscale than most compact cars, with excellent cabin construction and high-quality materials, all of which are pleasing to the eye.

Just like the beautiful interior design and build quality, the 2017 Civic's ride quality and handling have also been well thought out.

The Civic expertly rides that fine line between a composed ride and superb handling around corners.

The steering feedback is great too, allowing for an enjoyable experience when you get it on a winding back road.

True to the brand?s reputation for value, the 2017 Civic returns excellent fuel economy.

The six-speed manual and automatic versions of the naturally aspirated 2.

0-liter engine provide an EPA estimated 32 mpg combined (28 mpg city/40 mpg highway) and 34 mpg combined (31 city/40 highway), respectively.

The available 1.

5-liter turbocharged engine provides more power and boasts even more impressive ratings, with the manual returning 35 mpg combined (31 city/42 highway) and the automatic 36 mpg combined (32 city/42 highway).

On the technology front, Honda has packed in great options, including smartphone integration and the Honda Sensing forward collision warning system.

There are some tech quibbles, however.

The adaptive cruise control is slow to respond and that forward collision warning system is slightly oversensitive, both of which can be frustrating for drivers.

The touchscreen interface proves to be less intuitive than desired and can lag in response to input.

Despite a few minor technological drawbacks on the inside, the 2017 Honda Civic is a great car overall.

It's at the top of its class when it comes to acceleration and fuel economy, and the interior comfort, ride and excellent overall build quality more than make up for any downsides the car may have.

Any seasoned Honda buyer will consider this a no-brainer.

If you're considering the 2017 Honda Civic and the sedan isn't really your speed, Honda has some great options for you.

There?s a sporty coupe, a new Civic hatchback and the performance-oriented Civic Si.

And the racy, much anticipated Type R is on its way.

Clearly, there is a Civic for everyone.

Aside from the different body styles, the Civic also comes in a few different trim levels depending on personal preference and budget.

The LX is the base trim, continuing onward to the EX, EX-T, EX-L and Touring trims.

The EX offers more features than the standard base trim, while the EX-L moves toward a more luxury package.

Edmunds can help you find the perfect 2017 Honda Civic to suit your needs.

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