Honda reveals all-new 2016 Honda Civic Sedan

Honda reveals all-new 2016 Honda Civic Sedan

so we're hopefully gonna build on thattonight with the debut of the all-new 2016 Civic Sedan.

Many of you probablyknow this, but Civic is a really big deal for us, For over nine generations andforty years, it has been one of the most successful and enduring cars in ourhistory.

It's sold almost thirty five million copies globally so it's toucheda lot of customers their families and their lives, in fact it's thebest-selling compact car in America to retail customers in each of the lasteight years and today it's the most popular car in the industry withMillennials it first won the hearts and minds of American customers as a smallcar with a spacious cabin, great safety performance and of course it's a leaderin fuel economy and fun to drive and it's a Honda.

So that means, of coursegreat quality, great reliability, at the same time Civic is constantly evolving,especially for our young buyers.

Never has this been more true than with thecar you're about to see it tonight, this is the most ambitious civic redesignever.

it's got an all-new platform, all-new powertrains and more variations thanever before, so that means coupe,Si, a new five-door hatchback and for those ofyou diehard enthusiasts who have been askingus for years and years to bring a high-performance the Civic Type R modelto this country I can finally say yep it's on its way But tonight we're introducing the first new Civic in the lineup the sedan and before we take the wraps off here few more reasons wereso stoked about this new 10th generation Civic, first it's super fun to drive it's always been the smart choice butyou want a car that appeals to your emotional side as well that's preciselywhat we've created for you with this car wider and lower the driving position ismore is evocative of some of the best European sports sedans so typically it'sdifficult to get great handling in a comfortable ride in the same car butthat's exactly what we did with this one quiet, comfortable, very fun to drive,that's what makes civic a civic.

Boosting dynamic performance is not one but twoall-new engines, the new base engine makes fifteen more horsepower than the currentmodel and on top of that we have an incredible new turbo engine that makes31 more horsepower also deliver class-leading fuel economythat'll be above 40 miles per gallon on the highway so of course your safety isour top priority and we expect to earn the highest crash ratings for anycompact car there's much more to tell but I hope you're starting to appreciatewhy were calling this the best civic ever now so for the first time actuallyan American R&D team led the civic development The you've all been waiting for there have been a number of spy photosand unofficial sightings of the all-new Civic.

But here at the YouTube space LAwe have the official global debut everyone get ready to meet the all-new2016 Honda Civic sedan love love love love love the new Civic, what you guys saying, it's amazing so beautiful, all right, now let's learn more about it fromsomeone involved in creating the style here is a quick look at one of thedesign leaders exterior design leader from the Civic Sedan Jarad Hald.

I was theproject leader for the 2016 Civic Sedan and as such my job is basically to see thedesigns finished I worked with R&D engineering, aerodynamics groups to ensure that everything you know, nothing was missed and the car came across the bestpossible way it could.

For me I experienced the power of dreams every day and it startswith my commute on the way to work sitting in my car in traffic and Ihappened to look over and I might see something that I worked on ten fifteenyears ago it's a great feeling it's like nothing else in the world I love thathigh.

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