Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – We Clean It All

Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – We Clean It All

We Clean it All Services ,now that's Chris's company.

It's a cleaning company that'sbeen around for about eight years or so.

We're about to surprisehim with some goodies to boost his business.

We Clean it All,started in 2008.

I worked for a company whichhired carpet cleaning machines.

One day, a client called inand wanted a cleaning team to come to their house andactually clean the house, where they would clean everything.

And that's whenI thought, let me start a companythat will basically do all kinds of cleaning.

I see We Clean it Alltaking over Africa.

At the moment, our branchis based here in Joburg.

And hopefully it will go to Durban andCape Town and all around Africa.

This business that we're in,one company is not enough.

So at the moment,we are over-booked and we don't have enoughpeople to go do the jobs.

So as we trainother people to be able to do whatwe do, people who are able to do the cleaning.

We have a shortage ofvehicles in our business.

That Datsun Go willdefinitely help us to service a lot more clientsthan what we are servicing right now, at the moment.

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