Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – Tummies Full of Love

Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – Tummies Full of Love

[MUSIC PLAYING] I'm driving a Datsun Go +, filled with goodies.

Fruits, vegetables, carrots,pumpkins, apples, the lot.

So we're about to boostsomeone's business.

It's a catering company, butthis one is very special.

It caters particularlyfor the children.

Tummies Full ofLove.

[MUSIC PLAYING] So, Marita, tell me a littlemore about your business, now that we've off-loaded.


Well I actually have apassion for healthy food and healthy living.

So I started my business toprovide healthy home-made meals for moms, that is quitebusy to do it themselves.

It is healthy.

It is salt and sugarand preservative free.

So how will this carchange your business, especially when it comes todeliveries and collecting stock? MARITA BEZUIDENHOUT: Definitelyit will have a major impact.

I think I will be soblessed to have it.

I have had mothers fromall over South Africa that want to sell to theirfriends and to their family.

And if I have a vehicle likethis it will be definitely, it will be possible todo something like that.

So, I'm looking forwardto the draw on Friday.

And I think all thumbsup to Datsun and 702.

And thank you forthe great competition that you are having.


Source: Youtube