Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – TLC Landscape and Design

Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – TLC Landscape and Design

Another 702 and Datsun andBoost your Business Initiative.

This time we arehere to see Tristan.

He is from TLCLandscaping and Design.

Let's see if we canboost his business.

I run a landscaping business.

We design gardensfrom start to finish.

Either we redo gardens, likefix up people's gardens.

Or when they needto build houses, we do the gardens for them.

Plan for the businessis get a bigger team, run more sites ondifferent days.

Obviously getting bigger jobs,running complexes, maybe big corporate events.

We operate mainly in all thenorthern regions of Joburg.

We'd like to expand out.

Maintaining places likeDainfern or bigger golf estates.

So expanding that farout and having a team out there and here Winning a car would makea great impact on us, because we've got only onework vehicle out there.

So if we could have two, oneof us could be on the site, and one of us couldbe doing quoting.

Other than that, itcould just mean we could have two different teams.

One of us could befetching plants.

So it's just maintainingtwo different jobs at once.

Source: Youtube