Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 –  Kgoshigadi Trading

Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – Kgoshigadi Trading

So today, 702 and Datsunare about to boost a different type of business.

We're off to meet upwith Simphiwe and Tebogo they run Kgoshigadi Tradings.

Now what I likeabout this company is that they manufactureand sell sanitary pads, so good community feel to it.

Let's go check themout.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Kgoshigadi tradings, we startedin 2012 in Soshanguve We were collecting pads anddonating to schoolgirls.

What we found wasthat, a lot of girls could not afford to buy pads.

And they were missingschool as a result.

And it was just such a shock,to see such a situation, and it's something that youdon't really think about.

And it really was on us.

We felt we neededto do something, so we worked with schools inthe area, community groups as well, for quite a while.

And now we've decided to makeit a more sustainable solution, and actually manufacturethe pads ourselves.

We really needed tostart up our first site.

We needed office equipment,so we got some stuff from 702 and Datsun.

And that is reallygoing to help us.

If we won the van, wewill be able to deliver pads to different communities,to the furthest parts of Gauteng and therest of the country.

We'll be able toclient meetings, to go sell this conceptof the mini-factories and most importantly, we'll beable to operate in our factory.

Get some rawmaterials in and out of the factory and just makesure that our business is supplying pads to girls allthe time.


Source: Youtube