Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – Borotho Bakery

Get GO-ing with Datsun & 702 – Borotho Bakery

Another 702 Boost YourBusiness initiative.

And this time we're in Soweto.

We're going to meet up with aguy by the name of Nicholas.

Now he has his own bakery.

It's called Borotho Bakery.

We brought a few supplies,including a generator, to help boost his business.

Let's get inside.

The whole purposeof starting the was that we've seen the priceof bread went up more than twice this year.

Of which for thecommunity i'm living in, it was not fair for themto kind of purchase bread for such a high price.

So somehow I have seen abusiness opportunity.

But then decidedI wanted to cater the savings to the communityto afford the quality bread.

With a low price.

The future plan is to expand thebusiness into other communities like Vaal The majority of the peoplein Soweto and Vaal, Sebokeng are not earning so much in orderto afford their basic needs.

If I help to win theDatsun Go that would bringa professionalism to our business.

At a moment we're usinga cycle to deliver the large types of orders, whichinconveniences that clients.

Delays the time onour side as well.

So winning a car, will bring the professionalsinto our business.

We're going to be able totake like large quantities of orders.

And deliver even far places.

At the same time,it's going to fuse the business model into anotheradvanced model in a way.

Source: Youtube