[ENG SUB] Rare Datsun 120Y Pickup Portugal Stock and Modified Car Reviews

[ENG SUB] Rare Datsun 120Y Pickup Portugal Stock and Modified Car Reviews

This arms power steering is such an invention.

God! Let's eat a beef! Who's coming there? Somebody's around.

Let's go! The man in the straw hat has priority! What a machineeeee Are you feeling it? Bad boy in the spot.

What's up everyone? How you doing? Welcome to one more video in my channel.

I promised I would do more.

Today I bring to you a different car, a classic car, a men car! As you can see I got the whole style.

Oldschool sun glasses, straw hat.

We got to match the style to drive such a classic.

This is a Datsun 120Y.

Pick Up.

From 1978 This is the 1.

2L engine.

I think it's got 70hp if I'm not mistaken.

I need to look up better.

But it doesn't metter.

What metters is the style of this pick up.

Look at this! Right hand drive.

This is a pick up that calls more attention than modern cars.

Driving this pick up riverside to Cascais, around Oeiras Or driving in Vilamoura marina.

This has more style that driving a Ferrari! This is a car that belong to my friend Tiago, he bought this a few time ago.

And his plans for this pick up is to rebuilt it completelly.

Paint job, wheels, tires.

I dont know if he will do it but he says he wants to swap to K20 Honda engine.

With a S2000 gearbox and rear wheel drive.

If this project really goes on, this pick up with a modern engine.

With Vtec screaming.

Rear wheel drive for some nice drifts.

This would be an amazing project.

Even though, in rebuilt speaking, for its age the pick up is in really good condition It has a few spots with a little more rust Nothing significant, even in the trunk.

The pick up is quite good And it honks really well! This is a pick up that is getting in fashion.

The classic cars are coming back.

People are buying Datsuns, the SSS, Corollas Either buying or getting it from the grandfather that keeps it stopped And are rebuilding it, I think it's a really good idea.

This little cars gave everything they could when they were new.

And now they deserve that we do something and bring them back to life.

And as I said, driving a car like this, old, rebuilt.

Really get's a lot of attention.

This is a all manual car, manual mirors, it's this here manual.

At least one thing is for sure, nothing breaks down.

It's fuel up and driving.

This is a car, opens the air, starts at first.

Amazing! It has a problem.

The miror is not here, it's up the in the front and now I couldn't see who was behind.

It's a big trouble, it's a big trouble the mirors and right hand driving.

We have to drive no other side, right here close to the line Close to the line, so that we won't put the front on the other side So that we won't put the front on the other side And smash someone.

This is a 4 speed pick up.

But it has such a strenght.


We can ride in 4th, which is the last, the super fast for this pick up.

Wow, 40, 35, 40.

Go, 4th! And we step the throthle and there she goes.

It's amazing.

Look at this, we're riding here, relaxed.

Get the A6 out of there! Eheh, the A6 shut off.

Are you scared of the fury! Get the A6 off the way! Ah the beast, look, look.

We're riding here in this pick up, this is amazing.

It's such a good style.

Hope you like to watch this videos as much as I like to make them.

Look at this, amazing.

Nice pick-up.

And that's it.

Hope you enjoyed another video on my channel I'll try to make more videos with more cars.

I'm always dependent if people bring car ou get cars.

But I'll try to get a few more cars to make, whenever I can I record.

I'll make some of this videos.

If you can or if you know someone with nice cars you'd like to see here in this way.

Talk to them, identify them in the channel.

Your own cars if you want to, send me private message.

Either on Youtube or Facebook.

We agree on a place and time and try to make a video like this.

I'll ask you once again if you can, share, subscribe the channel.

Let's try to increase the views And see if this grows up, because the more people sees, the more will bring cars and I can have work to show you Ok guys? Thats it, stay safe and hope you enjoyed the pick up.

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