EICMA 2016 – HONDA and YAMAHA – New Presentations | Motorcycle News

EICMA 2016 – HONDA and YAMAHA – New Presentations | Motorcycle News

Today's topics what was presented at EICMA? Today Honda, Yamaha and more Here is the second part of the EICMA Presentations.

In the video description, I link picture galleriesto all machines, so you can see them even more closely.

Honda showed two concept bikes at the EICMA.

The CB1100 was adapted to the typical lookof the American flat-track racer.

The study is called CB1100 TR.

The purpose is unmistakable, but at the sametime it also has a casual Streetbike charm.

The number 58 is a homage to Honda MotoGPdriver Marco Simoncelli who unfortunately lost his life 5 years ago during a race.

The second concept bike is the Africa TwinEnduro Sports.

The name is program, you can see it clearly.

The Africa Twin was equipped with severalparts from the Enduro shelf.

How do you like it? The upcoming Fireblade, strictly speakingthe SP and SP2 I have already presented in detail.

Now the basic model was shown.

Much does it not differ from the SP variant- which was compared to the SP2 already somewhat slimmed down.

In the standard version, something was slimmeddown again to make it simply more affordable.

So the brakes and suspension were slightlymodified and a passenger seat is now installed.

The basic concept and the performance doesnot change.

192 hp and 196 kg are the data of the standardversion.

If you want to know more about the Fireblade,you will find a link in the InfoCard or the InfoBox.

The CB650F and CBR650F get an update.

4 hp extra power, the intake sound was moresonic, new Dual Bending Valve fork from Showa and modified Nissin brake calipers get it.

With the CB650F, the transmission ratio hasbeen reduced – the acceleration improves thereby Most interesting is probably the new fairingof the CBR650F in the design of the upcoming Fireblade.

An update gets the CRF 250 L.

The power increasesslightly to now 25 hp with 8,500 revolutions.

Because of the ABS obligation in Europe, italso comes with this system there.

Since it can be very dangerous on loose groundwith ABS to brake, it can be switched off for the rear wheel.

The CRF250 Rally is put to the side.

Visually, it is based on the CRF450 Rally.

It has been designed for off-road use, with10 liter tank, larger front wheel brakes, longer spring travel, more ground clearanceand better weather protection thanks to a high windscreen and hand protectors.

Faster Sons – that means Yamaha models rebuiltand offered as a limited Yamaha factory expedition for purchase.

The latest work of Faster Sons comes fromAbarth.

Here was applied to a XSR900.

The result was a premium Cafe Racer with exclusiveand light components.

The seat position is sporty.

It is driven by a 3-cylinder 4-stroke in-lineengine with 850cc To achieve the legendary look of the 60s acorresponding lamp cover was made.

Carbon was used here to save weight.

The Titanium complete system from Akrapovicis also highly efficient and also weight-saving.

The Abarth Edition is limited to 695 pieces,which can also be seen on the aluminum plate with production number on the motorcycle.

Adventure is firmly rooted in Yamaha and theconcept model T7 shows Yamaha a look at a motorcycle, which is again more suited tooffroad suitability.

But also the long-stretchability, versatilityand indestructibility does not lose.

The whole with a contemporary design and advancedengine and chassis technology.

The T7 concept is a working prototype thatis designed to achieve the perfect balance between road and terrain comfort.

Powered by Yamaha's 700 cc CP2 engine, whichprovides a high torque for playful performance.

It should be perfect for traction under allconditions.

The tank is made of aluminum, the headlightsuse 4-way LEDs, carbon cover, engine protection plate, Akra exhaust system and with KYB forkit will be equipped.

The T7 will probably go 2018 in series.

R6 Ready to Race – with this bike is drivenin the World Supersport.

Since the rules do not allow great changesto the serial motorcycle.

What has been changed is also to buy fromthe Yamaha dealer.

The 1299 Superleggera was already presentedin detail.

Meanwhile there is a video of the Superbikesand the exact data.

So far the data were only rumors.

With road approval, it will deliver 215 bhpat 11,000 rpm and weigh 167 kg full, while in the US version it will be slightly less,since Euro4 does not have to be met.

With Racing Kit, the power increases againby 5 hp.

The weight is reduced by 4 kg for the Euro4version by the Akrapovic system, and by 2 kg for the US version.

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