David Shows Kate a New 2014 Toyota RAV4 LE

David Shows Kate a New 2014 Toyota RAV4 LE

Hi Kate this is David Burns from Handy Toyota.

Earlier today I got some Information that you were interested in learning a little moreabout a 2014 RAV4 LE and that's what you see here this is one of the ones off our lot andI just want to take a minute to go over a couple of the features here in a quick videofor you.

As we start here in the front of the vehicle you'll notice they come equippedwith projector beam head lights with an automatic off feature now the front end is redesignedfrom a 2012 for example the 2014's and the and the 2014's which you are seeing here havethis total redesign of the front end as well as the rear as we move around we'll talk aboutthat too.

As we come around the side of the vehicle you'll notice you have 17 inch steelwheels with with covers you also have electronic mirrors you are going to have a roof rackon this particular vehicle also notice the handles are color keyed to the color of thevehicle.

Now in the back of the vehicle you'll notice you have a rear spoiler with a lightinserted your also going to have a rear windshield wiper available to you and the lights backhere are very very visible for the people behind you to see when you are stopping.

NowI know you had said gas mileage was really important to you take notice that this particularvehicle does have an average of 25 miles per gallon up to 29 on the highway or as low as22 in some city driving conditions.

The technology that Toyota is putting in to these vehiclesmay seem small but in order to accomplish gas mileage that we just spoke about you'llnotice right here you see these little bump they are actually called wind vortex creatorsits something small but a very advanced part of the technology that's helping get optimalfuel economy out of the 2014 RAV4.

Now Kate I just want to go over how easy it is to foldthese seats down when in fact you want to create more space here you'll see how muchroom you actually have for utility with the fold down flat feature.

Now this vehicle doescome equipped with a mat here in the back you'll notice the spare tire like I was mentioningbefore they actually were able to fit underneath instead of on the rear hatch.

You also haveadditional storage space for other things that you might want to put back here for yourself.

It also comes with a toneau cover.

So when you have the rear seats folded back and youpull this back you'll be able to cover up any groceries or any other valuables you havein the rear of the vehicle.

Other advancements are going to be this 6.

1 inch touch screendisplay here you can go back and fourth from your AM FM settings as well as Bluetooth wirelesstechnology very easy to navigate and also very effective.

You'll also notice here, ifI was to put the vehicle in reverse it does come equipped with a back up camera and thisis also where you'll see that camera.

This particular vehicle does come with a voicerecognition feature that gives you the ability to talk directly to the vehicle and sync yourselfwith the Bluetooth to be able to ask it to do any kind of commands like call someonefor example just by speaking.

You'll also notice the vehicle comes equipped with sportmode as well as an Eco mode Eco mode will give you optimal fuel economy on the highwayfor example and sport mode is going give you a little bit more sporty of a feeling whileyou are driving.

In addition to those modes you also have the ability to shift down intosport drive mode and you can actually shift the vehicle yourself up and down in gears.

Kate thank you very much for taking time to view this video this is just one example ofa 2014 Toyota RAV4 LE edition that we have here on the lot.

If you'd like more informationabout this vehicle or any of the other ones that we have in our inventory please feelfree to give me a call directly at 528-2212, that's the number at my desk.

You can alsoreach me on my cell phone at 393-3060 and I am also available any time at [email protected]

Comthank you again for taking the time to view the video and we appreciate the opportunityto earn your business.

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