David Shows Anthony New 2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited

David Shows Anthony New 2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited

Hi Anthony this is David Burns from HandyToyota.

I just wanted to take a quick second, I know you were interested in this particular2013 RAV4 Limited AWD for your wife, so I just wanted to take a second again and goover some of the features that this vehicle has.

Starting off in the front you'll noticethe really aggressive stance to the remodel of the 2013 RAV4, from the 2012 version.

Youralso going to get day time running lights, as well as fog lights with the limited package,18 inch alloy wheels, heated outside mirrors, color keyed with a turn signal on the outsidefor safety.

Up top you'll notice the roof rack which you mentioned about having alongwith the rails that go with this.

You'll also notice in the back we have a heated windshieldwith de-icer here also rear windshield wiper and right about here is where the back upcamera is always mounted on these for convenience when your backing up.

Another great featurethat comes with the limited is one touch trunk release as well as when the trunk opens, onceyour done one touch close.

Another great feature in the 2013 RAV4 is the hands-free voice recognitionsystem where you can hang up or answer phone calls as well as speak to the system whetheryour talking to it in regards to your music, your phone, or your navigation settings.

Inthe Limited version your also gonna have a 6.

1 inch touch screen display including youraudio, where you can jump back and fourth between AM FM XM satellite radio which isincluded for free for 3 months, as well as your Bluetooth setting.

You also can clickon apps which is where your gonna get into the map setting for the navigation that isalso apart of this package in this vehicle.

By the shifter you'll notice a couple differentmodes, one being sport mode and one being ECO mode.

This is going to give you a sportierfeel in sport mode and this is gonna be optimal fuel economy if your on the highway.

Rightnext to this your gonna notice your adjustment for both driver and passenger heated seats.

As we move up to the displays up in this section your gonna have dual climate control thatyou can choose to sync between passengers or create individual comfort levels.

Up hereyou'll notice the Limited comes with an auto dim rear view mirror and yes this one doescome with the moon roof with power tilt power slide.

One of my favorite features in thelimited version is the ability to have the keys in your pocket step out of the vehicleand with two fingers lock your vehicle and walk away.

In addition if the keys are inyour pocket and you come up to your vehicle it unlocks for you, again key free.

The Limitedalso gives you a 6 way power adjustable seat as well as lumbar support for your comfort.

Thanks for taking the time to view this it was just a couple things to go over in regardsto the 2013 RAV4, there's plenty of other features as well as the standard warrantiesthat stand out to me.

If you get a second feel free to come by take a look at this,this is in pyrite mica I know you said it may not make it or break it for you in regardsto color, but this is a very nice color and there's a very limited amount of these onthe lot that are left.

At any time feel free to contact me at (802) 528-2213 which is mydesk number and (802) 393-3060 on my cell phone, anytime feel free to shoot me an [email protected]

Com Thanks again for taking the time and we'll see you soon.

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