Datsun RediGO | First Drive | Motown India

Datsun RediGO | First Drive | Motown India

Beyond the world of glamour and glitz.

Beyondthe world of Shah Rukh Khans and Salmaan Khans.

Beyond the world of the Ambanis and the Adanis,there is a world inhabited by the masses.

They earn and they yearn for something thatthey can afford.

A small car.

There are quite a few in the market.

The Altos from Maruti,you have the Kwid which has just come in from the Renault.

Now there's a brand new smallcar.

A Datsun Redi-GO from the Datsun-Nissan family.

This is the Motown India show andmy name is Roy P.


I along with my colleague, Joshua David Luther will explainto you the finer points of this new small car from the Datsun family.

So the new Redi-GOis gonna be competing with contenders like the Renault Kwid and the Alto K10 and Hyundai'sEon and as you can see, this vehicle, it has a very fresh design philosophy.

You have ahoneycomb grille up-front and a very sporty look in the front and in the rear.

The overallshape and dimension of this vehicle is also phenomenal.

So it definitely has that on-roadpresence.

A very-very prominent feature on this new Redi-GO is the ground clearance ofa 185mm.

Now this vehicle, for a first time buyer it has a lot frills and fancies.

Itcomes with chrome, plenty of chrome garnishing on the sides and in the front as well.

Nowthis vehicle has been based on the Renault Kwid platform and it has the same 799cc petrolengine which produces about 54ps of power and 72Nm of torque and the engine comes matedto a 5 speed manual transmission.

You get a 220 litre boot as well.

So it's been a longday and we have spent almost 6-7 hours with this vehicle, the new Redi-GO.

Datsun is gonnabe bringing this vehicle out pretty soon.

The Redi-GO is based on the Kwid platform.

Now Datsun aims to bring this vehicle out into the entry level segment so competitorslike the Renault Kwid of course, the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 and the Alto 800, the HyundaiEon are a few vehicle which this Redi-GO is gonna compete with.

This vehicle is almost25 kilos lighter than the Renault Kwid and it is powered by the same engine that is therein the Renault Kwid.

The engine is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

The stick isquite smooth and the throws are quite short.

To drive, this engine is very-very peppy andresponsive.

Since this vehicle is on the lighter side, you can also expect very good fuel efficiencyand the fuel efficiency mark is 25.


Now one of the better aspects about this newRedi-GO is the ground clearance of a 185mm which means that this can gobble up potholespretty easily and it can go through larger bumps as well.

We did a few tests over bigspeed-breakers and the Redi-GO handled it with ease.

The suspension setup is a McPhersonstrut in the front and the suspension is quite stiffly tuned so one does not get thrown abouttoo much in this vehicle.

Of course Indian road conditions also vary so the Redi-GO doesits job well of taking care of bad roads but the suspension setup on smooth roads, on tarmac,on rough roads as well is pretty-pretty good.

For city driving this vehicle is ideal.

Numberone, because of the suspension setup.

Number two, because of the dimensions and weightof this vehicle.

It is actually really light and zippy.

So driving around in traffic andmaneuvering tight corners, tight spaces, parking is going to be really-really easy in thisvehicle because of the dimensions and the way it has been designed.

Very chic, verysauvé, a very-very good looking vehicle.

Now the steering is an electronic steering.

It is not adjustable for rake or for reach.

Considering the fact that this is gonna bea very affordable hatchback, Datsun calls it an Urban Cross but of course it comes intothe entry level hatchback segment.

This vehicle's steering is really light so maneuvering is actuallyquite easy.

I can literally do it with my pinky finger.

The turning radius is also decentso making those sharp turns is not gonna be an issue.

We did drive it around a littleon the test track as well where we had some tight corners and the vehicle's performancewas admirable.

Now the NVH levels on this vehicle are a bit of a let-down.

Noise from the engine bay and from the outside does tend to seep in a little bit now and then.

Thatmay prove to be a discomfort to a few people.

The clutch is actually quite light just likethe steering wheel and acceleration on this vehicle is also quite good.

So revving itup in the second is actually good and the power of the vehicle lies in the mid-rangeof the rpm band.

The acceleration is quite progressive and the Redi-GO gets there withease so a very peppy motor and definitely for its size and dimensions it's a very practicalmotor for city driving.

Again one must remember that you cannot drive in speeds excess of 80,90,100.

So keeping in mind of course the laws of the land, you have enough power to zip aroundand play with in this new Redi-GO.

Now the braking setup in the Datsun redi-GO is discbrakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear.

The brakes are progressive and we dida lot of panic braking.

The vehicle held its own and again very-very well engineered brakes.

A bit jerky but apart from that I think that the whole design and the way the whole vehiclehas been engineered, it boasts a lot of the engineering prowess of companies like DatsunNissan, where you can see that the build quality of such vehicles is actually quite good.

thevehicle is not easily rattled even over bad roads and that is definitely an advantageto have in this segment where after a few years vehicles tend to get loose here andthere and there are various noises that seep into the cabin because of that and can beunpleasant to the ear.

Now while driving in this redi-GO, I'm already having a lot offun.

This vehicle is definitely, to put it in one word, practical for the city is somethingwhich really defines the redi-GO.

It has been made, keeping in mind city traffic conditions.

So for first time buyers who are interested in this new Datsun redi-GO, you are gettinga very chic, a very stylish and bold looking hatchback.

Apart from that you're also gettinggreat build quality that is provided by Datsun's engineering prowess and of course Nissan,the parent company of Datsun.

You are also getting a very fun to drive, easy to drivevehicle.

So it is meant for city driving ideally speaking.

Now the tyre profiles are a 155/18 R13.

You get a analogue speedometer and a digital RPM gauge in this apart from your trip meter anddigital fuel level indicator as well.

So we're here inside the new Datsun Redi-GO and asyou can see, very minimalistic interiors.

However the build quality on the interiorsis pretty good, the fit and finish is also.

The vehicle is pretty good.

You have thissort of piano black kind-of finish on the center console over here where the audio andAC unit is.

You have an airbag with of course very simple three-spoke steering wheel.

Youhave power windows for the front two seats so you get them on the center floor console.

A 5 speed gearbox, a handbrake.

Couple of cubby holes up-front.

You have a cubby holeover there, you have a cubby hole over here, you have a bottle holder, bottle holder overhere.

But however the vehicle does not come with any bottle holders for the doors.

You get a small glove box as well, in this vehicle and of course a 12V power socket.

So this vehicle does not get any vanity mirrors either.

Since this vehicle is gonna be comingin the affordable car category so you are not gonna get any steering mounted controlsor any adjustability in the steering column so there is no adjustment setting for rakeor for reach however.

You do have a soft touch steering wheel but that's about it.

So againyou also have these door panels which are slightly left naked.

So you can actually feelthe door through the panels.

Again cost cutting of course but then again well made and ofcourse these seats are pretty comfortable.

I'm getting a decent amount of lumbar support,decent amount of back support.

Thigh support is good and otherwise ergonomics of the waythe dash has been laid out also is pretty great.

Everything is in reach and of courseis well built.

So I'm in the second row of the Dastun Redi-GO and well I haven't adjusted the seat at all and as you can see there is a slight amount of knee room left, a littlebit of leg room, not too much.

For reference sake my height is 5'7" and I am sitting decentlyin this vehicle.

So it's a decent amount of space, not really too great and it does geta bit cramped over here in the back seat.

The floor is almost flat.

There is a slighthunch here so seating three people in this row would also be possible.

Apart from thatyou get manually adjustable windows over here.

No power windows for the second row and it'sotherwise a very airy and a roomy cabin.

You have a big window as well so again a lot ofroom and a lot of space which you are getting out here.

Very plain of course, nothing toofancy either in this.

You don't get pockets for the front seats or a bottle holder.

Justa small cubby hole over here in the door.

Apart from that no bottle holder in the doorsor any pockets on the front seat.

So again, something to be considered while purchasingand of course the door panel is left naked.

Metal over here.

So that's another pointer.

But otherwise the fit and finish and the quality of plastics which have been used, it is really-reallygood.

So it does definitely have that contemporary feeling.

The back support and thigh supportis really good.

Lumbar support is really good of course.

So we've been driving around thisDatsun Redi-GO for a long time now and what we have realised is that it's a very chicand a very stylish looking hatchback.

It also has a couple of really great features likea high point of view for the driver.

Its dimensions are ideal for city traffic and especiallyfor parking in tight spaces.

Apart from that the engine is very peppy and very responsive.

The steering is really light.

It makes for a really zippy vehicle.

What remains to beseen is the price and we can expect something better that the Kwid from Datsun for the Redi-GO.

It's a well tuned, well set-up vehicle.

A few things which we did not like on the newDatsun redi-GO are the naked portions on the door panels.

But then again that is definitelycustomisable.

All in all it is a well packaged car.

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