Datsun on-DO

Datsun on-DO

Hello to everyone who visit my page in OK.

Ru! Today is the 6th of March, 2017.

So at first, congratulations to all the women and girls with the upcoming holiday.

And now I want to share my problem with everybody else.

I have a car – Datsun on-DO.

It's 2 years old.

And after this winter I am totally shocked.

It rusts! The whole car! The rust is here and here, and here, also on the doors.

I want to appeal to the CEO (or someone who runs the company, whoever it is) of VAZ.

To the one who produces these cars.

Are you mocking us? Don’t you respect Russians? Doors are rotten, so is the trunk.

This car is two years old.

You don't know how to do make the engine, chassis, brakes.

But at least you can ask the chief of the paint and varnish shop to paint cars properly.

You say that these cars are galvanized, zincified.

Why do you lie? Are we the second-class people? Why don’t you ride on these cars, Director? Your daughter, your wife? Buy them Datsun on-DO.

My friend and collegue, Yurii Ivanovich, bought himself Datsun on-DO at the end of 2016.

518 000 rubles! He is crazy! He says: «That's a cool car, it has high clearence» That is the only cool thing that Datsun on-DO has.

I cannot understand how can you not respect us, Russians, so much.

This car has already started to rot.

I haven't paid the loan yet.

The whole car will be rusty by the time I will finish paying.

Hey, everybody! Do not buy Datsun on-DO.

Those who already bought it – we are fools.

Do not buy Datsun on-DO.

It rots like an eggplant.

Hey, everybody.

That’s it.

Source: Youtube