Datsun Go+ : First Drive : PowerDrift

Datsun Go+ : First Drive : PowerDrift

Hello and welcome to PowerDrift guys!It's chilling out here, I'm on a picnic, Datsun has invited me over to the banks of the Ganges,Rishikesh.

We're here for the First Drive of the new offering in the Indian market,that's their sub 4 meter compact MPV, the Datsun Go+! Now that's what the Datsun Go+, a sub 4 meter compact MPV looks like.

Now Datsun says it'sa smart buy cause of course it's a sub 4 meter car so you're gonna enjoy the tax benefits.

Now in terms of looks, the front is pretty much the same as that of the Datsun GO, comesin this very unique color too, looks quite delectable if you ask me and has a rear overhang.

It's gotten 39 Kg's heavier than the Datsun Go comes shod with Strada 13 inch 155/70 wheels and that's about it when you talk about the exterior of the car.

Without further adieu then let's look at what the rear, third row seat space looks like in the Datsun Go+.

For that I shallcall upon our very own Ninad Mirajgoankar to show us that the modus operandi of enteringthe third row in the Datsun Go+ is not the same as what you may have seen in the likesof Innova.

You have to hold the entire second bench and tumble it and that's how you cangain access to the third row and I'm gonna join Ninad Mirajgoankar in there to show youwhat the space looks like when a fat and a tall person gets inside, onto the third rowseat.

Of course, not very roomy or spacious foradults, full-size adults like us.

Which makes me think that this is not really a 7 seaterMPV, but more like a station wagon with a big boot a car with a big boot.

The interiorsof the car are the same as that of the Datsun Go, just a phone holder and Aux connection,no radio and pretty basic.

Alright, so we're onto the inside of the DatsunGo+ I'm driving this 1.

2L inline 3 cylinder, 67 horses, 104Nm of engine which quite honestlyif you ask me, I'm falling in love with.

It's got oodles of torque down low.

Now of coursethis engine is the same as the Micra engine but it has been tuned for this particularvehicle.

The suspension on this vehicle is also tuned to take the extra 350-360L of extraweight at the back.

So when you're going through bad roads which are by the plenty in our country.

Seems to be gliding over them very very well.

Overall the driving pleasure or the handlingcharacteristics of this car are managing to impress me quite a lot.

The steering can besaid to be one of the best in its segment.

This one has a whole lot of feedback coming in and quite precise too.

The engine's mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox, the gear lever here is mounted onto the dash, it's not on the floor and the gear throws are pretty short.

The clutch action is pretty good too.

Now the driveability of this car like I've mentionedearlier is really really good.

It doesn't matter what gear you're in, you have enoughtorque spread across to get you going and to highlight this I'm gonna do a small littleexperiment.

I come to a stand still, slot the car in 3rd gear and not 1st gear and Itry to take off.

and the car manages to do that without getting the engine stalled,which is quite commendable.

The car gets a top speed of 140Kmph and here's another little somthing that's gonna help you in you daily city to city traffic driving.

The car hasthe shortest turning radius of 4.

6 meters, really really impressed.

You see folks, beforeI hit my puberty I was always thinking that fast big CC powerful sports cars were theonly interesting cars in the world and then of course in my stint in the Automotive industryit taught me that I was wrong.

And today when I drove the Datsun Go+ around I was remindedonce again of my pre-puberty conclusion, this indeed is an interesting, curious and excitinglittle car and it doesn't have to be a big CC car but there's just one little gripe inthis car.

There's no safety at all, there's no ABS, no Airbags either as an option.

That'sthe irony though of our Indian car market, safety is not really high on the prioritylist of an Indian buyer.

Especially in the B or B+ segment.

But Ninad taking things intoperspective this car to me, is a lot like this phone.

Ultra reliable, no bells and whistlesbut goes on about doing it's daily duties without really attracting a whole lot of attentionto itself, has no comforts, but manages to do what it's meant to do without any pretense.

Talking specifically about the safety canwe see at least in the future ABS or Airbag at least as an option?There are few of safety active features that we have in this car about either the blackspot reduction or the braking performance or the powerful headlamps or the spinal seatwhich will reduce the fatigue.

Yes, about what you asked if there are gonna be a lotof customer who are going to come to us for ABS and Airbag, we will introduce that, wehave the technologies, it is just plug and play.

We can always adapt it when there isa real market need.

Will we see a diesel variant of the Go+?If there is a very good case where 20.

6 mileage is insufficient and the customer are lookingfor more saving and they want to go for an migration to either CNG or LPG we will introduceit at the right time.

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