Car Spotting Adventures: 1966 Datsun Truck Double-cab Pickup – U520

Car Spotting Adventures: 1966 Datsun Truck Double-cab Pickup – U520

In today's video, the coolest double-cab DatsunPickup you're going to see today.

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And now, car spotting, yes I've been able to do some car-spotting recently.

And I saw some gems the other day.

First was this second generation Isuzu Piazza,the Nero edition.

This was only available at the Yanase chainof stores.

Sorry, Ne-ro, the Nero edition.

Also, this Honda City Turbo II.

I spottedthis at Fujitsubo in Fukuoka.

Elsewhere I saw this Mopar box, and also aDiahatsu Cappuccino.

Very smart.

And this RX22 Toyota Corona Mark II hardtop.

A bit grungy, getting it's head done.

Oh, well.

And a 230 Nissan Cedric, a dressed-up FD RX-7, a Honda Z360.

The last car on the list was this beautiful 1966 Datsun U520 truck.

I'm a massive fan of this truck.

Also, I just love double-cab pickups.

There's quite a few in Japan.

Toyota have made a few.

Datsun of course havemade a few.

I even did a video before of this gray one.

That was a stunner.

This being a 1966 U520 Datsun truck, it wasthe first to get the quad headlights.

They call this the six bar grille.

You've got one bar which makes up the top and the bottom bar, surrounds the headlights.

And you've got four in the guts.

Now, I didn't get to open the hood or thedoors, but I do have some footage of the J13 engine from another car.

1299cc, four cylinder of course.

It barely fits.


67 horsepower.

And, from the factory they had a 2 barrelcarburettor.

The brand was Nikki.

I'm not familiar with them.

Obviously there's something different going on with this different car.

Yeah, couldn't open the door but I do get a decent look at it.

It's got two individualseats.

I was going to say bucket seats, but they'renot technically bucket seats, are they? Centre console, which surprised me a littlebit.

Also, we've got painted sheet-metal of thebody colour; light blue, which I'm loving actually.

Condition looks fantastic.

The steering wheel is in good nick as well.


I really would love to have this car but I'm of course broke.

Now we get to see more of the back of the car.

Big quarter glass.

And you can reallysee that the body style is.

you could call it Utility Coupe, which I've heard before.

Coupe? Yeah, two door.

It's got the tray out the back.

That tray,it says it can carry 400kg, which is about two Sumo wrestlers carrying their lunch boxes.

Everything about this car-spotting day was fantastic.

I saw some great cars.

I went to some great places in Fukuoka city.

And the staff theylet me photograph their cars which was great.

Hassle free, which was unusual.

So, all-in-all it was absolutely fantastic.

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