Beau Yates talks tech with HPA about his new Toyota 86 Drift Car

Beau Yates talks tech with HPA about his new Toyota 86 Drift Car

Andre: Hi, it's Andre from the High PerformanceAcademy, and we're here with Beau Yates with his freshly bought Toyota GT 86.

Now, Beauis a pretty regular name in the Australian drifting circles and he's well known for hisprevious AE86 and, in my, opinion one of the cleanest and best-presented AE86s on the planet.

I was really keen to see what Beau came up with this new Toyota GT 86, and honestly I'mnot disappointed.

Beau, this car is amazing.

Beau: Yeah, it's pretty to look at.

We'renot on the track this weekend with it, but it's only going to be a matter of time.

Justto make the transition from the old car into the new one, but definitely the boys at homeare cheering, and obviously the people at [wins 00:00:45] and all the people supportingme, Toyota Australia, it's definitely something.

Yeah it really comes across good now and I'mgetting a really good response this weekend so I'm stoked.

Andre: Beau, you've bought an exceptional car it really looks the part.

First of all,your old AE86, it was a legendary car and everyone loved looking at that car.

What promptedthe move to the new chassis? Beau: It just kind of made sense you knowwe're all moving forward.

The car's pretty good and I've been excited about the releaseof the new 86 for sometime now.

As soon as I knew the car was going to hit our shores,I was working on a proposal to try to get one in my hands and here we are today, soI'm really excited.

Andre: I'm stoked it's all worked out likethat.

Now one of the things I've noticed when looking at the car you have stuck with thestock FA20 engine and most of the guys around the world who are drifting these are eitherputting NASCAR V8s or 2Js in them.

It's a pretty bold move going with the FA20.

It'sa relatively unknown engine and there's not a lot of off the shelf support for it.

Whatprompted with you to stick with the FA20? Beau: I think for a lot of the people involvedin the build of the car, I think there is a little bit more credibility in getting thefactory FA20 to work.

The car is a beautifully balanced car from factory, so why try andre-engineer it? Toyota knew what they were doing when building cars.

I figured if wecan get it to make 500 and make it light enough it's still going to perform exceptionallywell.

Andre: With these modern cars, particularlysomething like the new 86, the electronics package in the factory car is quite extensive.

You're relying a lot on the CAN Bus, which makes it hard to integrate some after-marketACUs.

Obviously you've got a bit more freedom being that it's a purpose-built competitioncar.

Tell us a little bit about the electronics in the car.

What have you got in there?Beau: I'm quite fortunate that MoTeC have been working quite heavily with these cars.

You say CAN, but we're talking CAN Bus with this thing can still control factory electronicsteering and retaining a lot of the factory parts.

I'm blessed to be backed by a companylike MoTeC.

Andre: You're running the MoTeC ACU in thecar? Beau: Yes, the new M150 MoTeC with the newC125 dash.

Andre: Fantastic, that's great; so it stillretains all of the factory components straight by Stickley?Beau: Yeah electronic power steering, the full CAN control, all the bells and whistlesthat it comes out from factory with a lot less wiring, that's all.

Andre: The new MoTeC C125 dash, it's a beautiful piece of equipment.

How are you finding thatfrom the driver's seat? Is that giving you all the information you need?Beau: Yeah sure.

The new C125 is a pretty cool looking dash.

It's a full color screen,it's got all the vital information we need, and it's just cool to look at.

Andre: Just moving back to the actual engine electronics.

These are a peculiar engine andthey are running a mixture of port injection and direct injection.

You still retainingthe usability of that with the MoTeC M150? Beau: Definitely.

The M150 can control thedirect port, but it's something we're still working on.

It's actually not being used atthis point.

We're still just using port injecting for now.

We're obviously working alongsideMoTeC to get the direct port up and running.

Andre: OK, so let's move on to the power sideof things.

You've got a big turbo hanging off the front of it.

Obviously, balancingis important with the car.

You've got a little bit more weight out forward.

What sort ofpower aspirations did you have for the car, and what sort of boost response did you needto see? Beau: We knew, being a 2 liter, to extractas much power out of it as possible we needed to run a fairly decent sized turbo so it'sgot a 30 series Garrett on it.

Obviously, [bred 00:04:23] at GCT Turbo in Australiahelps us out a lot with the car.

It's putting out close to 500 horsepower now in a car weighingjust under 1100 kilos; it's definitely got plenty of power.

Andre: Yeah, that should spin the tires pretty good.

What sort of boost level were you needingto run to get that sort of power level? Beau: It's something like 22, 24 pound ofboost.

[2500 00:04:40].

Andre: What sort of fuel?Beau: We're running the Ethanol E85.

Andre: Fantastic.

The other thing that's alittle bit different with your car is you've got a dry sump system on it.

Can you justtalk us through the choice with that a little bit please?Beau: In my previous engine, it's been in the car for 5 years and we figured that'sprobably due to the dry sump setup.

I guess you get a lot of lateral loads and stuff whenyou're drifting and you didn't want any wash in the pan.

It was just a compromise really.

We figured a dry sump setup would be the best solution.

Andre: It's hard to argue with that.

What about gear box? What are you running there?Beau: It's actually all the way from Sweden.

It's called a Tractive RD906.

It's a fullbillet sequential 6-speed gear box.

Andre: Wow, that's a serious piece of gear.

Should give you no problems with reliability, I'm guessing.

Beau: They rate it out to 1000 newton-meters or something and it's 90 mil wide gears andit seems to be pretty strong.

With the limited testing we've done, it's definitely been upto the task so far.

Andre: Cool.

Well, look,Beau, really lovethe car, thanks for taking the time out to have a chat with us and can't wait to seethis thing shredding some tires on the track.

Beau: Cheers.

Andre: Cheers.

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