this brother none ude ready wooed ade another baby in swaddling brother-brother here please! none-none thousand, charming cheerful pretty flawless ayu, geolnya champion.

hey! ape aye says, ngegolnya make sultry none should not be challenged, Myspace.

brother give up! duuh.


a multitude of clay guns dimane brother aye? like crackers, eh masup wind.

he'd been, dicari'in !! ooii.


daritadi brother thousand ude wait! The baby ude held, non aje here please! brother-brother a thousand, dashing dignified mentally prepared pitted, martial may try.

Oy! ude aye says, noisier be sought brother should not be challenged, Myspace.

I give !! oy !! duuuh.

a multitude of babe.

if 'non angry in trouble like firecrackers, tossing firecrackers.

Nyok passable !; we samperin.

!! No island kite diteluk jakarte.

Thousand full of charm waves crashing, waving palm trees.

kite semue waiting on the shore.

therein, Abang None wait Dashing his brother, a big-hearted None of her gorgeous, virtuous Religious, Smart and Berbudaye Chased Pari fish Grouper, Free swim in my sea-blue Abang None Thousand Islands Tourism Ambassador of New Generation Your beauty inspires the heart We Keep, We Respect One Soul sure Carrying Thousand Islands will be booming!.

Source: Youtube