All New Honda CBR250RR-Test Ride-Test Top Speed-Test Dyno

All New Honda CBR250RR-Test Ride-Test Top Speed-Test Dyno

Viewers, after First Impression, First Ride, this time OTOMOTIF will do a Ride Test for Honda CBR250RR You must be curious with its riding impression for daily ride, right? How’s the acceleration? How far is the top speed? And how much fuel does it consume? Let’s find out! Talking about design, it’s no need to be discussed again, just see for yourself It looks sharp, so sporty Honda designer made it really good this time, really cool! You can say it’s the coolest of all the rivals, isn’t it? Do you agree? And if we talk about the riding position, it feels so racy for daily ride.

Why? Look at the underyoke handlebar, if we ride it daily, it’s quite down.


Our backs leaning forward.

What’s the negative side? It’s too long, our arms and backs are aching.

Under part of the tank and the chassis are slim, so our feet band together with the bike.

It provides more comfort and flexibility when we ride One thing that makes us curious is of course from the performance of 250cc inline twin cylinder engine with DOHC 8 valves construction Which also supported by throttle body downdraft This machine is typically short stroke, it’s strong in middle up rotation Especially when the tachometer has reached 7000 up to 14100 RPM maximum Even though below it, it’s still enough for daily ride Especially if you ride in Sport riding mode, the machine response feels linear with the throttle While when we switch to Sport+ mode, it feels too much for dailyride.

Too responsive I think Sport+ mode is more suitable for out of town riding with more throttles, or in a circuit While when we use Comfort mode, it feels too slow For me who likes to ride aggressively, using Comfort mode is less fun But maybe it’s suitable for first time riders, or when it’s raining so it’s safer Oh well, speaking about riding modes, how’s the difference in power? Just look from this dynotest riding test.

Here it is! Viewers, in this afternoon OTOMOTIF team is on Sportisi Motorsport in Rawamangun.

What are we here for? We’ll do dyno test for All New Honda CBR250RR We want to know how much the power in the wheel, and also to see the character differences between Comfort, Sport and Sport+ riding modes Let’s wait for the result! Well viewers, you've seen this CBR in its best performance How’s the limit? In 14100 RPM.

That’s so high for standard 250cc motorbike And how about the dyno graphic? What’s the number? Let’s take a look here.

As we talk from the first time, we want to know the differences between Comfort, Sport and Sport+ riding modes And that’s right! It’s so different! In Comfort mode, the maximum power is only 28.


The torque is only18.

29 Nm And when it’s switched to Sport mode, it automatically increases to 30.

72dk and the torque is 18.

87 Nm Then it’s switched again to Sport+ mode.

It’s increased again! How much? The power reaches 31.


Now it’s the biggest in its class.

In 250cc class Oh yeah, the torque reaches 19.

16 Nm.

It’s also so big.

Really cool! You’ve seen the dyno, right? Turns out in Sport+ riding mode the maximum power is a little above 31dk That’s the biggest in its class like Yamaha R25 and Kawasaki Ninja 250 No wonder if the acceleration is also the fastest Measured from racelogic, it’s only one parameter.

0-60 km/hour in 2.

8 seconds.

While for the rivals, it takes 3 seconds or more For the complete data, just look below.

There’s from 0-100, 0-402, all’s in here.

One of the supporting rapid acceleration is because of this air duct Which is located behind its left and right fairings With this air duct, the air from the front will come faster to the filter box, especially when in high speed That makes the acceleration faster Beside the machine performance, one of the specialties of CBR250RR is the handling performance It feels so light and stable Of course it’s also supported by riding position when riding, our body feels so unite with the bike So when we direct the bike it feels so easy Especially when it comes to the cornering.

For those who loves cornering, this bike is the best Why? It’s so stable in the cornering because the suspension is so supportive The rebound is very smooth so the bike feels like idle in the cornering with maximum knee down condition Also for monoshock pro-link rear suspension The character also gives stability when riding It’s true when riding on the bumpy road it feels a little bit hard But at least for cornering lovers, just like the bike, it’s sporty and very stable It’s so good! Oh well, you’re curious with the top speed, right? Tested in 1 km long track, you can get 179 km/hour speed on your speedometer But with that record, the RPM still can increase.

Just because the limited track so it’s forced to close the throttle When the dyno test before, we’re curious with the top speed in the 6th gear Turns out it can be 185 km/hour maximur in 13000 RPM That’s the top, it’s like protected by Honda.

185 km/hour is enough For the daily ride by the tester with agressive character in riding, the average fuel consumption is 23.

9 km/liter Well, the average is around 23 to 24 km/liter It’s quite saving for this kind of high performance motorbike Well then viewers, that’s the test ride of All New Honda CBR250RR.

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