2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster New Full In Depth Review Interior Exterior DETAILS

2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster New Full In Depth Review Interior Exterior DETAILS

Hello new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C against your the new GT-R is the new AMG Panamericana grill reminds ir There are 15 vertical chrome strips I think it looks great More about 57 mm behind the normal according to AMG GT There aractan to race mode Through fixed to the system does not come on time, including damage tumble attigi active and dynamic weather system moving through series AMG sports suspension and adaptive same time there It produces 558 horsepower 680 nm torque has rear-wheel drive 502 lbft 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, hand-made Level is reached in 3.

7 seconds to 100 km! Doing a maximum speed of 316 km! There are 7 speed automatic gearbox and F1 gear change Is the weight 1635 kg There are 165 liters of luggage space The front face was very aggressive and beautiful thanks to the new shutters It was very beautiful and it is 50 km line up usa acilabiliy LED headlights and daytime illumination of renewed and more aggressive bumper ten chrome details also really enjoy going there in the package option in Carbon 19-inch rims, but I think they have olmamis very nice of red details havalndir front and rear brake discs must be of the same size My Favorite features a full and active rear spoiler V8 biturbo writing on side specific and wider rear bumper AMG AMG GT back to normal according to super looks exactly rival the Porsche 911 Turbo S olmus two LED rear lights and exhaust double exhaust and race mode and have asked, of course, 4 liter V8 engine had completely handmade There are individual or race option with dynamic AMG selector characterized This tool instantly convertible to dnustur easy, just turn ON and OFF in 11 seconds ceiling fabric 50 km line up possible active rear tires have bends that freezes the first time this system has 9 liters per 100 km long road is burning sehr on average 15 liters and 11 liters AMG emblem processed looks beautiful to the eye and have the goods memory cards and USB inputs have a place S in the AMG selector lever is always there, but it seems that this tradition was broken with the new E63 AMG The sports exhaust system is activated with this wedding, you wake up the monster when it bastig settings Command system these character settings, Komfi, Sport, Sport +, and Individual Race everything in one single individual to you and you are setting yourself according to spying Keyless entry and start, of course, had to be dug esp suspension settings comfort sport and sport + Touch command system You can enter addresses with handwriting Cup holders electrical Department dual-zone air conditioning air distribution heated and cooled seats that are in the air around your neck adjustment system apron parking sensors Sets on the same side Apple and Android Auto supports Carplay Commander Online system Let's look at the language options and of course there Turkce There's even a WiFi There Burmester 3D sound system it has 360 mm brake discs and rear 265 35 19 inch rims on it in 305 30 19 inch rear settings Vehicle data i.


engine data There are very good beautiful system This Mercedes-AMG GT C is one of the most beautiful definitely think ici Same as also the Commander of the online system is also being used Aston Martin DB11 main menu on the sound system settings AMG also has a special menu screen information GE boost oil temperature mistress has it all There is LapTimer settings range Fuel consumption is 11 liters per 100 km I think the best tool on the average boyle media phone AMG emblem The gear change lever 7 forward Alcantara steering wheel and you can choose the color of the upper part separately gosunuy is great automatic headlights, folding mirrors handbrake on the garage door are three adjustable memory 3 ceiling setting alarm.

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