2017 Suzuki Swift Review – International First Drive  – Car Keys

2017 Suzuki Swift Review – International First Drive – Car Keys

This is the third-generation Suzuki Swift,which is scheduled to be launched in the UK this June – But before we jump in and have a drive I just want to take a quick chat about its design, because it’s a bit of a weird one – you can tellsomething is radically different but it's quite hard to put your finger on It’s almost like a comic book inker hastraced over the lines of the old Swift in big black pen to accentuate its lines a bit more.

Especially when it comes to the headlights and this new grille.

You've also got blacked-out pillars all-around and some nifty little hidden door handles.

And overall I think it makes it look a bit sportier.

Well, I guess a more appropriate word would be more up to date and Modern.

But why the sudden upsurge in sportiness and style? Suzuki's now got the Baleno whichtakes care of the sensible supermini side of things, and that frees up the Swift to be a bit more daring– and in fact the Swift is actually based on the same platform as the Baleno, which means itis now 120kg lighter, it's 15mm lower, it's 40mm wider.

And it’s only available in a five-door.

So on the outside, it may just seem like moreof a facelift, but let’s see what lies beneath.

Now usually when you climb into a Suzuki,it feels like a Suzuki, especially with the Swift, with it's light doors and it's almost diescast-esque dashboard.

But it doesn’t feel like that anymore, it feels much more in-line with its superminicompetition.

And it is the little things that make the differencehere, like the sportier, flat-bottomed steering wheel, you've also got these round air vents here, a new air-con set-up down here, and you've got a new seven-inch touchscreen which comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

And according to Suzuki you can use the screen wearing gloves.

And as if we weren't going to test it.


Leather Glove.

Works fine.


Yep, that works as well.

Then – obviously – the oven mitt, which every driver should carry with them at all times.

That works as well.

So, nice one Suzuki.

And you're wrong, you can use it with 2 gloves and an oven mitt.

Now, although the new Swift is 10mm shorter,the wheelbase is actually 20mm longer, which overall makes for a bit more wiggle room.

And in fact, there's actually 23mm more headroom due to these rear seats being lowered slightly.

And I also like the fact you can put your feet underneath the seats in front.

But it’s not just that, the boots also bigger, 54 litres bigger in fact.

With 254 litres of space to play around with.

As well as being based on the Baleno’s underpinnings,it also utilises the same engines, so there’s an entry-level 89bhp 1.

2-litre Dualjet petrol.

But there's also a brilliant little 1.

0-litre three-cylinder turbo Boosterjet petrol, which – although it's only got 109bhp -is a great little engine with loads of personality.

Now the engine we're driving today is the 1.

0 litre boosterjet SHVS.

Like I said before, this little 1.

0 litre has got loads of personality.

When you're on a country lane, dropping down a gear and feeling the turbo spool up, it's great.

You can have loads of fun.

And even when cruising on the motorway, put it in 5th gear, and it'll just happily cruise along.

Now, although the addition of the new 1.

0 litre boosterjet and the mild hybrid system is great news for the Swift.

It has never really been about the engines, it’s always been about how fun it was to drive.

So what's the new model like? Well, I'm glad to say it is more of the same.

I mean this car, has got so.

It's got so much personality behind the wheel.

I mean it's not as adept to drive as the Fiesta or the Mazda 2 on a country lane.

But, it's still happy to be chucked about a bit, and it feels confident doing so.

And the steering is nice and direct too.

Suzuki have yet to announce UK pricing, buta big part of the Swift’s appeal has always been its low price tag, so expect it to start from aroundthe £9,000 mark.

And following the launch of the standard model,you can expect Suzuki to launch the Swift Sport, a warm hatch version of the standardmodel with 140bhp.

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