日系掀背 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

日系掀背 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

Taking advantage of the eve of the coming typhoon We do as we test drive it China Motor stressed that this car is a small facelift Although its engine gearbox Even includes a chassis are the same But to say that the original facelift Is the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Well, this time of change I will speak about the price The price a little adjustment Before is now changed to 879 000 889 000 Before 2015 there are two versions of the formula Now instead of only one version So what we today to test drive this version I wait to share with you is that it's change of front And if you still prefer the shark head But it is still possible to do some modification Then we test drive the car today In the case where the engine is not changed in the mechanical structure Maintaining the previous generation is the same facelift Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback That there is only one level So we look at its front design To me this car I posted it on my fan page After a shape of the front of it is now currently facelift There are probably ten previous nine head like a shark It was also to ask me how to do I have especially asked about the original technical staff Because fender Because headlights There hood These things have not changed to maintain Factory has explained to me If you want to put something really original shark head is feasible Because it contains even inside the stent member around sheet Maintaining the previous generation is the same In the front part of the Of course grille There are entire bumper of the design changes made This is a part of You may take a little time to get used to It was also emphasized that with me In fact, sharks are not engaging head Now changed so that it would be more attractive Just drop a little proportion Part of the headlight is we are more stressed Also focus more concerned In the part of the lamp In fact, in 2015, part of the formula Has HID headlights Plus you will turn the steering wheel in place some An auxiliary lighting The changes are more and more of the LED DRL Plus the difference in bumper design And so it has imported models headlamp cleaning device Then we look at it on the truck side portions Rim size is the same as the previous generation to maintain No matter what level are the same But the shape of the rim instead of color Tire size is 205/60 / R16 Four-wheel disc brake system as the brake In another part of the car side was canceled a thing Is skylight above the roof Top version of the previous generation is there This generation is not Another one is in my hands the key All key induction was canceled Original explained that because the mother plant in Japan feel More tire pressure detectors So we canceled the door sensing there Keyless push button device As in the rearview mirror and the integrating direction of the lamp This is the same as the previous generation Built without a car side blind spot Lancer Sportback that the biggest difference is in the C-pillar after Because it is a station wagon Wagon models So in general shape and four-door car will be somewhat different I share a simple information here with you I have a friend that is in front of the Lancer Sportback facelift He changed the 18-inch wheels Rim size upgrade you can go online to check I forgot how much size In addition, he modified the shock absorbers Then I have been in my other friend His wheels are 17-inch He also changed the shock absorber But that he is made of 1.

8L car The biggest difference in the two cars is a rigid body You change the larger wheels After coupled with enhanced shock absorbers You will test the body is rigid Lancer Sportback import performance in this section Very, very Japanese-made cars compared to the difference In addition to being imported models Lancer Sportback Of course, the most important focus is in the rear after the C-pillar design A whole wagon styling I believe that many people are still more acceptable travel exterior design models The area of ​​its rear windshield angle of inclination is relatively large So it is not the same and some estate cars In order to make space wagon general performance is better Therefore, the roof will do extend a little later It will not let the roof design After the C-pillar Before the C-pillar feeling or with the same car After column C will have a more inclined a rear windshield That Lancer Sportback I think it might cost considerations May also be considered in the design So it's tilt angle and general Wagon models a bit different Then in the rear The entire taillight design is the same as the previous generation Built-in light bulb all traditional light bulbs There are around bumper covered parking radar There are still a little bit of aero package includes side skirts Right side is an exhaust pipe out of a single design It is another feature is the fog After the fog at night is not to try to open Unless today's encounter fog or rain Rear fog lamp is hidden in the middle of the bumper We did not introduce its engine oil pressure plunger But there is asbestos insulation Many users say that this fact with 1.

8L engine and 1.

8L engine is the same as domestic It is wrong It is completely different Domestic partial or lenticular Import is a single convex Domestic code-named 4D Import code-named 4J So the biggest difference between the two is in the black beans with engine part is not the same A one-convex lenticular It is with engine displacement 1.

8L At present it is only this specification Maximum horsepower 140ps / 6,000rpm Part of torque 17.

9kgm / 4,200rpm With the gearbox is the same Domestic and imported are the same The six-speed CVT gearbox In the fuel part of the data of two generations is also the same One liter can run 15.

7km / L MacPherson front suspension system attached anti-roll bar After the multi-link independent of Formula Four-wheel disc brake system brake Tire size is 205/60 / R16 Then next solenoid valve in the open tailgate There reversing CCD This is now a standard feature Then we open it the boot The boot space, of course, it is a very important focus First, on both sides of a 6/4 separate pouring convenient lever The performance of the entire flatness of the luggage compartment trim because it has some So flatness performance was good And some of it is somewhat compartment design Allowing you to do some categorize items Then in the bottom of the same size with a small plus tire jack It is not puncture sealant plus Inflator I asked that the original Lancer Sportback In fact, because of its spec sheet and it is not the number of liters I asked the original Original say the whole down flat before 1,000L succeed Less than 1,100L I think this data may be a problem because We like to test drive before when Na Zhi Jie S3 I also asked a few liters of the original It looks across the entire visual luggage space is great But it gives us data Even smaller than FIT I think probably would not be satisfied Zhi Jie Hao Or China Motor After all, they are with a parent They measure the number of liters of the above is not there some different places I'm going to check this I'll tell you next have the opportunity to share In the end it is the number of correct data But now to my original data In fact, there were only did not fall flat 400L After falling flat before 1,000L But you actually go first Visually Good flatness performance after falling flat It is the second volume of the entire space Looks Visually should look not only 1,000L Then we tell you about Although its wheelbase as Car length more than about 5 cm This five centimeters is different because of bumper design So it is the same as the entire hardware We still look at it as we measure the knee space A fist about three to four fingers That there are map pockets behind the seat back That did not rear air conditioning vent This is a drawback it The second part is the floor area of ​​the muster There are probably a little bulge That seat is made with foam material is the same as the previous generation also There are two sets of back child safety seat buckle fixed Automatic safety belt tightening, and three That it is again a center armrest You see this is the center armrest It does not support It is the hit came to a halt on the seat cushion I think we should do a bit of support may be a little better texture Then there are two cup holders Is substantially identical with the interior First, the number of air bag has seven airbags Who included a driver knee air bags Tracking system on the left side of the steering wheel with a switching So these safety features still maintain the previous generation is the same But how a relationship with because regulations Is the tire pressure detector But its tire pressure detector and there is no way to display the current tire pressure scale It will only audible warning when the tire pressure abnormality Another I just emphasize that removed the Keyless So now become a traditional key Let's start the engine After starting the engine you see a T-shape first obvious In fact, the previous generation there In the 2015's style had this screen It now became standard equipment at present It contains a built-in navigation system very easy to use And pairing with a Bluetooth phone, no problems But also more than a CCD reversing Then both sides of some shortcuts Contains navigation shortcuts And then there's Menu size and volume of sound Above the steering wheel and does not sound speed dial Only next pacer Below the air-conditioning system as a single area is also a knob There is also a difference is below the air-conditioning system Before the shutter Is this type of glove is a double space Now changed to a relatively large area single-layer There is a lot of emphasis on original owners is required In fact, two-layer space between each other is small it So now instead of a single format Then the rear gearbox As has automated manual transmission CVT function of jagged There are behind the wheel paddles convenient So, if you cut hand when the row mode Make it into the self-discharge is very simple The paddles have the right to write a top OFF As long as you long after the press about twenty-three seconds it changes back to the original self discharge Then, like in the cup holder behind Then the traditional hand brake lever Then behind the front of the armrest can not adjust a There is a handrail of a relatively deep compartment space But no slots That said, if you have USB and AUX You will get your original Two line groups in the glove box A USB an AUX This is a relatively old design point Dual circular shape as the dashboard of the formula Middle color information screen In fact, before the time Lancer will have a facelift Then it will show you the same trip computer Contains oil and water temperature information Adjust the steering wheel can not do the same telescopic adjustment Only up and down adjustment Style steering wheel is leather-wrapped three-style Two leather seats also The seat material is the same as the previous generation There velvet chair before It is a more entry-velvet chair version Now there is a specification that unity leather chairs But there is no electric adjustment Is a six-way manual adjustment of Covering the whole of the seat support and And Lancer Sportback your home is exactly the same It does not make some improvements But I feel pretty good actually Enough thigh support However, slightly convex lumbar back a little Headlamps with automatic opening and closing Wipers with automatic opening and closing So the two have a very convenient device If you do, then headlights headlamp cleaning In a conventional lever side direction of the lamp has a button After pressing down on it to do the cleaning headlights Then the last one is that some people would quite like skylights I was not very concerned about But some people are concerned about Skylights gone Be pulled out Before the test drive experience that I talk about some of that For consumers may Where to buy cars when there will be some differences First, sunroof On average, a standard size skylight option is likely to be At least a twenty thousand easily 30,000 to 40,000 This did not But you add something We barely say how the good the screen Because there are reversing CCD contains navigation Then more tire pressure detectors But also less Keyless engine start button Although it is a knob, but at least you do not have to insert the key That this difference to one to the Plus ten thousand spread of prices Do you think it is worthwhile to see I feel like It seems strange We then talk about the test drive experience The first is that we are in a similar brick road In the process of moving Our front tire pressure 240kPa back 230kPa In this setting tire pressure The road between the performance of its Q chassis is pretty good But it's a bit big tire rolling noise I do not know the positioning of this problem or that the characteristics of the tire The Yokohama tire characteristics that will compare bit noisy Now we're to the general asphalt road to travel and see it would be better Take it because it is the CVT transmission And keep up the same generation Relatively large differences, especially compared with the domestic 1.

8L Auxiliary steering wheel is not the same 1.

8L is hydraulic But in the Lancer Sportback import of it is electronic aids These two differences in the process of turning in for the average consumer In fact, the feeling is not very obvious Because of its relatively light and no electronic aids But contrary hydraulic assist Because there is no more likely that the hydraulic auxiliary fuel it Or power will not eat it, it is no Because after all, it's horsepower performance Can only say that it is smooth 140ps about We do not like long, long time ago that a test drive Turbocharged version Especially now asked the Chinese car That there may come He said, because in Europe in Japan Especially in Japan This car has no more to sell the In Europe now only 1.

6L and 1.

8L manual transmission from the discharge So there is no turbocharged version So come in that car is absolutely impossible Never I also asked the Chinese car Japan's official website that there are many I feel pretty good It's like a small SUV Or Crossover I said that the car is not bad Is it possible to come He said the biggest bottleneck is the right-left change Because now Mitsubishi in Japan He produced mainly right-hand drive vehicles What if China Motor cars to come in these words You want to develop into a left-hand drive kits This is difficult for them to cross step China Motor and so the current short-term there is no plan to introduce new models Now we're to the general road You will find that tire noise is gone A very low voice And then the tire pressure control is also very good Very good stability of the whole chassis That in this mountain Although today is not Fingers But this mountain we often test Smooth shifting of the entire After all, the speed in 60km / h or less So you do not feel out CVT gearbox shift Engine output can only say that it is just enough You have no way to enjoy a feeling it is more hot-blooded This is certain Because it demands not blood Although I see a lot of Lancer Sportback will increase the rim Including my friend's car, too And even do some exterior embellishment Even hanging down contains The whole car look more dynamic and younger I am more optimistic about the Lancer Sportback will be like this But China Motor has not been introduced corresponding kit I think you can try to develop some kit Before you have RALLIART Although there is no But I think it can go and look at cooperation After all, this car is still imported I think these development kits Should a depot is not a difficult thing But can take care of some of the younger After all, would I want to buy this type of model is a large part of younger Slightly conservative owners you can not touch refit But you can enjoy its security security It is to price Your model listed in Taiwan It's hard to find with it as safe Is again a space After a very functional space B pillar of a rear compartment This is harder to find I think that this is its advantage Of course there is a price Some people I see there is a lot of people on the web Said acid interior design is very old Or what engine Or appearance But you have to think about it is to its foundation There are some security I have repeatedly stressed that security Appearance will one day look tired Big screen again some day you look tired But I think it is safe with your money May be on other models are also not buy Is again a rigid body I was just beginning to share with everyone Why is my friend modification Because I found him changed after If today to change a homemade car Do not say Mitsubishi car You even other brands of China-made cars In particular, open up over potholes That feeling seemed to be loose car feeling But in the Lancer Sportback above There is a rigid handle is better suppressed 16-inch tires that I can do is suggest that you upgrade Especially when the ground tire just PDI You quickly go to the tire shop estimation The price will be a little better Another 18 inches Even my friend traded is 19 inches Hanging down a bit It is also a lot of flavor Wagon.

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