【HD】SUZUKI 2016 NEW バレーノ XT ターボ 試乗インプレッション -ENG sub-

【HD】SUZUKI 2016 NEW バレーノ XT ターボ 試乗インプレッション -ENG sub-

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my video!! I'm sorry for the video public of delay in Kumamoto of the earthquake.

While some damage, I am grateful that it has received a very encouraging words of encouragement from everyone.

In such a situation, but he has needed a lot of time in the face to YouTube, we were able to attain to the resumption doing this.

Fortunately, I did not have the people to match the physical damage around him.

Kumamoto and have been gradually reconstruction.

Whether everyone please for your support in Kumamoto! Nice to meet you.

I was multiplied by the worry, but I'm okay.

So, this time of the test car is 6AT Baleno 1.

0L turbo.

The basic story of this Baleno has the story in the previous video.

And in the main the story of the 1.

0L turbo engine is in this video.

And a description of the grade.

In the 1.

2L XG and 1.

0L XT, there is a difference of about 200,000 yen in Japanese yen.

Description of the equipment should be the image of the screen on.

The equipment of Suzuki's first color liquid crystal panel and the like in the XT will be set in the set options.

Value of the difference and the amount of their grade will be discussed later.

Now, let's talk about 1.

0L booster jet engine.

First, the engine and the 6MT of XT should be understood as a point that is made in Japan.

XG of the engine is made of India, CVT is the Made in Thailand.

So, the brand comes out heavily that made in Japan can be said to be a grade of XT.

Psychological as well because "Made in Japan" has a sense of security, it will lead to that increase the value of the XT.

The booster jet engine, powerful and sense of power to the first will not be even in comparison with the NA engine.

It is different levels.

If you represent a word, "nimble" NA 1.

2L engine is because it has been adopted by many of the models, and the body got used to it.

Therefore, it talks well in everyday use and enough in this 1.

2L NA.

But, is still less powerful part is the hill and passing acceleration will come out in the table.

However, this 1.

0L booster jet engine has a power enough to completely eliminate such complaints.

Because to generate maximum torque at just a little depressing the accelerator pedal, there is a very great accelerating performance.

Among the rival car of Japanese B segment, the value of power and torque are excellent, it is also one of the big points.

There is no car with the number of power-to-weight ratio is 8 in the same class.

Points to another of introduction is a mechanism called " turbochargers wastegate valve open control".

I think all know but, turbochargers wastegate valve is closed is usually in order to escape the supercharging pressure.

And the sound of "whoosh!" Is heard at the time of opening.

However, in this system, the valve is always open, such as open when the over-absorption is required, the reverse control to the normal.

It eliminates the turbo lag, is a more agile very useful system for the response.

Since it is, the reaction of acceleration with respect to the accelerator pedal is very good.

Feeling of acceleration is smooth, such as the NA engine of 1.

5L or 1.


I felt amazing I made in Japan engine.

Important point is not only the engine, is the choice of 6AT.

6AT has excellent feeling of acceleration compared to the CVT.

Selection of 6AT is us to imagine that that was probably thinking to take care of the fine driving feel.

Paddle shift There is also, you can more fun driving.


0L automatic transmission of the booster jet engine, we are confident 6AT is that it is the best choice.

The current English subtitles is up here.

I'm sorry.

We will soon add.

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