【2013】Suzuki New HUSTLER Promotion video スズキ 新型ハスラー

【2013】Suzuki New HUSTLER Promotion video スズキ 新型ハスラー

That the mini-car crossover An entirely new genre mini-cars I was born Play mini-cars The new Hustler Or put everyone It is embarked play tool Crossover literate at will Next-generation environmental technologies Adopted Suzuki green technology In gasoline consumption per liter Achieve low fuel consumption of 29.

2km Design, nor color Also how to use All new fun Play mini-car is born The new Hustler debut The new Hustler design Full of playful I want to enjoy an active lifestyle Like the unique design, such as everyone turned around The design favored by those who seek such a Good I expressed to the exterior Design and color of the interior is playful packed Even though a compact size The room will spread a spacious large space that was.

The passion orange body color, the color panel of Passion Orange Other body color, Adopt the color panel of pure white Multi-information display in the meter, when the ignition is turned on and off It displays a dedicated animation.

Body color And a total of 11 color It offers a rich color To match the body color Interior color and, seat piping G, the color of the steel wheel to equip the G turbo It was coordinated.

The new hustler A big success in the outdoor scene Rich sales company mounting accessories are available.

When I go to camp Conveniently equipped with the new hustler helps During stop.

Ya instrument panel box that can be used as a table Such as seat back table of the front passenger seat Lots of ideas to spend comfortable in the car By using the sales company installed accessories Curtains & tarp kit Comfortable space can make that is integrated with the room When strong sunlight and, This is useful, such as the little and rainfall Using the utility nut of standard equipment Utility color ring hook and If fitted with a luggage net It can be stored together a variety of accessories to fit your lifestyle.

Rear door pocket bottle can hold two Rear door handle is easy to long ones also housed It was to slit shape.

Convenient new hustler even when the unrestrained trip And the sheet to the full-flat By using the bed cushion Makeover car is in a comfortable bedroom When sleeping in car Convenient privacy shade Also sets the luggage board that can be used as a table Convenient new hustler even when going out to ski or snowboard By utilizing a multi-roof bar It allows you to hook the wear on the hanger.

Luggage mat with bumper cover When changing shoes to boots To prevent damage to the bumper It reduces the impact on the luggage at the time of loading and unloading With luggage net Goggles and can hold small items such as groove Even in rough road running Suppress collapse of cargo.

Even when you go out fishing It is helpful new Hustler dedicated supplies By using the luggage mat You can put a wet fishing tool as it is.

And luggage bar, by combining the luggage board Fishing equipment It can be efficiently stored To a multi-roof bar, and mounting the rod holder.

The important fishing rod You can clean and storage Convenient to marine sports such as surfing The new Hustler Tilt the rear seat forward If defeat in front of the passenger seat Such as surfboard You can gain even long luggage comfortably.

Of the sales company installed accessories Curtains & tarp kit When closing the zipper To change of clothes space A quick change Luggage accessory socket in the luggage compartment standard equipment You can use, such as an electric shower In addition, it is possible to mount the AC power plug It can also be used as a power outlet Was adopted wipe easy material water droplets and dirt Luggage floor In addition, if you use a luggage mat It is convenient to load, such as a wet suit wet.

Rough road running through performance The new hustler Even in the snow-covered road and mountain road Also a little rough road You can drive with confidence 15 inches installation of large-diameter tires Due to a change in the number of suspension stroke Ensure the minimum ground clearance of the margin of 180mm Ruts and snow-covered road, etc.

Also an undulating road surface And traveling with a margin As the bumper is less likely to contact with the ground Approach angle Ya Departure angle also firmly secured.

New features of 4WD The new Hustler to "4wd / cvt model" It also offers downhill Equipped with a Hill Descent Control Hill Descent Control Slippery In steep downhill Constant speed without brake operation System down the hill to hold the speed of 7km / h The driver, you can concentrate on steering the operation.

When it can not decelerate the only engine brake It is to control the vehicle by operating the brake pedal When difficult Hill Descent Control helps Once close to the steep downhill Press the hill descent control switch.

And operates the shift lever to L.

When the vehicle speed is greater than about 7 km So as to hold the speed of 7 km And controls with automatic brake.

Provided on the speedometer in the In the multi-information display And switch ON The control operation can be confirmed.

new function Equipped with a grip control In slippery road surfaces such as snow or mud If the idling of one side tire has occurred It escapes to the wheels to which the driving force is idle Start will be difficult Therefore, in the stage prior to the start When you turn on the grip control switch Early the brake control of the wheels that slip has occurred To the wheels of the grip side By concentrating the driving force It supports start Grip control When you turn off the switch.

Or, when you turn off the ESP.

Or When it becomes more than about 30km / h.

It will be canceled automatically Grip control Especially during the hill start that there is a difference in road conditions of the left and right of the tire And a great effect Normally, ESP vehicles equipped also by transfer money strongly accelerator Get a grip control similar effect Beginner, such as Inexperienced drivers on snow-covered road You may inadvertently retracted hesitate to depress the accelerator When such By the grip control to ON It supports the smooth start It was provided in the speedometer In the multi-information display You can check the operating state of the grip control.

Environmental performance The new hustler Next-generation environmental technologies Adopted Suzuki green technology The latest fuel-efficient technology We take full advantage of Energy charge is Or release the accelerator pedal Using the deceleration energy that occurs when you step on the brake pedal High-efficiency, power generation in the high-output alternator And the idling stop vehicles only of the lead battery Charged to a high efficiency lithium-ion battery The electric power accumulated in the normal running It is supplied to the electrical equipment, such as audio and speedometer The consumption of gasoline, which has been used for power generation up to this Suppress.

At the time of deceleration before stopping The following speed 13km / h Automatically stop the engine New idling stop system By operating the accelerator pedal until the engine is restarted By suppressing the consumption of gasoline and contribute to low fuel consumption In the air conditioning unit, a built-in cold storage material that freezes at air conditioning of the cooling function "Ecocool" And air conditioning during the idling stop is switched to blowing state Keep the cold wind Even hot day With maintain a comfortable space Suppressing the restart of the engine due to room temperature rise It will contribute to the low fuel consumption.

The new lightweight shock absorbing body "TECT" The body From ultra-high-tensile steel High-strength Using lightweight materials And vehicle weight lighter, it has both a high level of safety These low fuel consumption technology, the new Hustler 2WD / CVT model, such as "G", "X" That gasoline per 29.

2km per liter Achieve low fuel consumption In addition, 2WD / CVT model of "G turbo," "X Turbo" is We have achieved a 26.

8km per gasoline per liter The new Hustler is the eco-car tax reduction target vehicle in all models The idling stop system The new features have been added By the driver's operation of the switch of arbitrarily within the meter And when to allow idling stop at the time of air conditioning use From idling stop state, it adopted the ability to choose the timing to restart the engine Choose mode Idling stop time is the maximum Fuel consumption priority mode Standard mode It is shortened idling stop time It will be three of comfortable priority mode Comfort and idling stop time in accordance with the setting change It will change Multi-information display The reason for idling stop system is not working The reason for the restart from an idling stop state engine automatically at a glance Adopted the Information function Ring the one-time buzzer when the engine is restarted To inform you that the engine is started Support a smooth eco-driving Dedicated meter equipped with a variety of functions The status information lamp If fuel efficiency is a good operating condition The color of the speedometer lighting It will change to green It will change to white in further energy charge working Safety equipment Advanced safety technology, including radar brake support to the new hustler is equipped with Radar brake support From speed approximately 5km / h, which operates at low speeds of approximately 30 km / h It is a collision avoidance system In the installed radar laser in the car It detects the front of the vehicle When it is determined that this remains in the conflict Avoid a collision with automatic brake Or, is the ability to reduce the damage This Avoid collision accidents caused by carelessness of the driver, or to reduce the damage The relative speed of the preceding vehicle ahead that the vehicle has When the following speed about 15km / h, it can support the avoidance of collision Installed in the car in the wiper wiping range of the laser radar Less likely to be affected, such as rain and dirt It will operate even during rainy weather.

Improper start suppression function Parked, or per hour about 10km in the following crawl A laser radar Detect an obstacle within the forward about 4m Despite the obstacles.

It is automatically suppressing function of the engine output in the case that largely depressed the accelerator pedal This Erroneous application and of the brake and the accelerator.

Generated by the mistake of the shift operation Inadvertently reduce the damage of the collision accident Emergency stop signal The vehicle speed detected the sudden brake is When more than an hour Oyo 55km / h Function to speed flashing hazard lamps automatically This Call attention to the following vehicle To monitor the run in a variety of sensors Vehicle driving stability assist system "ESP" If necessary Computer controls the engine and brakes, Reduce the slip and skidding of tires, It supports the driver of the driving operation Also design Also color Also how to use Everything is brand new fun Was a play mini-cars "The new Hustler" debut.

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