Тест драйв или обзор Datsun on-do (2015)

Тест драйв или обзор Datsun on-do (2015)

Hello! Avto On Air! Today in the program, we will show the anti-crisis car.

That no matter what is still sold at affordable prices.

When at the end of last year, started their courses vayut unpredictable dance.

Many of us are thinking, what if common foreign cars disappear from the Russian market.

But, as you can see Ford, Audi even Jaguar is still being sold, and the prices for them yet, relatively affordable.

Today, however, we decided to tell you about the car which is not afraid of any crisis, any changes vayutoy.

And so, meet Datsun on-do.

But before I tell you more about this car, go to a hundred years ago.

And we delve into the history, when the company Dzitsuo Dzidosya Tseydzo Kaizen was founded.

Source: Youtube