МХЛ и автокомпания «Datsun» на матче в Сокольниках

МХЛ и автокомпания «Datsun» на матче в Сокольниках

Visitors of the Sokolniki Hockey Arena could see many things beyond competition between their Spartak Junior Hockey Team and the Sakhalinskie Akuly (Sakhalin Sharks) on November 12.

It was a real hockey event that had been prepared in cooperation with the Datsun Company – the main sponsor of the Junior Hockey League.

Actors from popular sitcom “Molodezhka” (Junior Team) Matvey Zubalevich and Ivan Dubrovskiy showed up at this event.

Matvey Zubalevich: First of all, I enjoy the game very much, because these young guys always show proper hockey – they have room for improvement, they have new challenges ahead.

This is why their games are always very tense.

Ivan Dubrovskiy:Well, as for me junior hockey games seem to be faster, tougher and more interesting.

These guys do want to achieve something.

It is more spectacular.

I am happy to see the game today.

I will cheer for Spartak, I guess.

All the audience got lots of positive emotions.

It was not an ordinary visit to the hockey game; it was a friendly meeting of partners.

Dmitriy Efimov:Chief executives of the Nissan Company came from Japan to see this game; and I like our partnership to be far more than an ordinary partnership with billboards… as it often happens.

It is an actual cooperation between two organizations with similar values and similar audience.

Even today in this place we have talked about new programs, some joint activities that will be mutually beneficial.

These programs will bring good to our fans and those people, whom Datsun want to see happy with owing their cars.

Jerome Saigot:Junior Hockey League is all about Dream.

And I like it, as these players grow professionally and dream of playing at the top level.

We cooperate with this brand, as we have something in common.

We offer our consumers a dream as well: we offer them a possibility to drive a good Japanese car.

In the meantime the ice struggle was gaining momentum.

Junior Hockey Club Spartak was acting on the offensive with luck and on the defensive with skill.

Famous Russian tennis player and Coach Anastasia Myskina came here to support her own team.

Anastasia Myskina:Well, I’ve played for Spartak throughout my life, I’ve trained here.

This is why I want so much to support our junior team.

We tried to support the first team.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to save it.

But we do believe in our youth, this is why I’m here to support them.

Egor Yartsev (fan):Well, I like my hockey team.

I like to visit the games.

And I like to see them playing and winning.

Though I get a bit upset, when they lose.

Spectacular ice struggle.

Photoshoot with actors from sitcom “Molodezhka”.

Great mood among the Spartak fans, as their team has won.

All these things here in Sokolniki this evening.

Source: Youtube